A Twitter user identified as @DarkSisterHive took to the platform to reveal how her cousin divorced her husband, after he insisted they share bills equally.

She also revealed that the man also accused the lady of cheating, and also asked for bills to be splitted after the pair welcomed a newborn.

“My cousin left her husband and he keeps accusing her of cheating but really she left him because he makes twice what she makes and was still insisting on her paying half the bills.

Sis said she would just rather pay all her bills and not be bothered by him. Good for her

Update: the straw that broke the camel’s back is they have a newborn & he was still insisting on her half of the bills.

Anyways I’m not telling anymore of my cousin’s business y’all already accusing me of lying lmao. Y’all take it easy, I’m muting this”, she tweeted.

See a screenshot of the post below:-


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