Hello Guys,

People can be very very foolish sometimes but it’s now left to you to accept the foolishness or prove to the person that you are more reasonable than they think you are.

I saw this on Twitter and I can’t just stop laughing since then.

The response the person got after saying the nonsense will make you laugh really really hard too 😂😂😂

A lady jejely uploaded her Photo on Twitter and a guy told her she does not look like a Muslim 😳 what effrontery!

See the Tweet below:-

The guy got a f*cking savage response he least expected. Sho lo stupid ni 🤣

Now, let’s see if you can do better if someone says such nonsense to you too.

If someone tells you this 👇

You Don’t Look Like A Muslim Or Christian – What Would Your Response Be?

Let’s hear from you too.

Drop your comment


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