“Retired Teacher Scammed Of Ten Million Naira By A Betting Agent In Delta”

(Last Updated On: December 17, 2019)

How A Retired Teacher Was Robbed Of Ten Million Naira By betting Agent In Delta

A retired teacher played 9draws in the early hours of Saturday and was having a potential winning of ten million naira.

Around 7pm when all the matches except one had played,he got 8draws remaining a Sunday match which happen to be Celtic vs Hibernian

He wanted to cash out in that Saturday evening but was told by the betting agent that the game doesn’t have a cash out code.On Sunday, the said game played 2 to 0

My question is this,is it possible for a ticket not to have a cash out code( or has but it won’t cash out)? Or could it be that it was the betting agent that scam the man?


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