“NYSC: Which States Will You Suggest I Choose For Service?”

(Last Updated On: December 17, 2019)

I’ll be brief and simple with my narrative, I promise.
To the glory of God, I have just graduated from KOGI STATE UNIVERSITY (KSU) with a 2.2 CGPA in English and Literary Studies.

As a hustling guy ( now in my late 20’s), it was God’s grace that helped me pull through my studies in that, I lost my only surviving parent while I was about starting my studies. And that made me had it rough all through my stay in the University.

Now, I have successfully graduated and don’t want to be entrapped in this state, Kogi, any longer. I’m pretty sure you all know what is up here in kogi state; everything appears so gloomy and I seriously need to be totally out of it at least, for the time being.

Since I’m just a hustler with no ready relation to nudge me, I seriously want to use the NYSC period as an avenue to get out of this State. I so much desire to stay back wherever I’m eventually posted to for Service; I need a place with a lot of job opportunities with respect to my course of study, English and literature. And that’s where the knot is. Which region do you think is appropriate for me to achieve this desire of mine?

Some persons I shared this with specifically advised me to move up North East; they suggested States like Gombe and Bauchi, even Maiduguri while others suggested Ibadan or Lagos.

This is where I need your advice and suggestions because as it stands now, despite the fact I want to register early, I am helpless and wouldn’t know the right states to select for NYSC when we’ll be eventually directed to start registration early next year. And I just need to plan well against that day.

To you, which states with more job opportunities in Nigeria, do you think I could choose for my NYSC and also continue my life there afterwards?

I’m also a computer technician and will like to set up my business in the event of not getting anything to lay hands on after service. BUT NOT IN KOGI STATE!

Please, advise me.


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