My childhood and best friend came to my house crying and so down and after much consolation from me, she finally let out what the problem was.

She was under a vow to remain chaste till marriage, but she secretly accepted to date a guy lately which I was unaware of.

The guy flew down to her base uninvited and suddenly told her he’s around and was lodged in a hotel nearby, after so much pestering from the guy, she finally accepted to go see him and according to what she told me, the guy began touching her at a point, and she asked him to stop, but he didn’t, he did some things to her, and he also uses his mouth to do dirty things to her down there (give her head, and she passed out something in the process of the act and after everything she picked her bag and left and asked her guy to go back.

Now my friend has been crying and asking me if she’s still a virgin, but I really don’t know what to tell her because I’m confused myself.

So I decided to come to ask from this faceless forum if my friend is still a virgin after all these?

NOTE: please nobody should come and say it’s me because I know some of you are very naughty here and I swear I’m not the one.