“I Am Dying Of A Chronic Pile”

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2019)

Good evening Nairalanders.

I am dying in silence embarassedembarassed

I discovered that I had pile during my secondary School days (2014). I didn’t even know this has been on me for long, until I went to defecate with a friend of mine in the bush. Immediately he saw that red flesh coming out on my anus. He shouted "What is this!!". That was when I knew I had PILE.

I told my mum about this. She said she noticed something like that from the day I was given birth to. She said, she didn’t keep quiet, and she asked the nurses what was in my anus. The nurses replied that, "it is normal" That it will still leave there. Now, I am in my twenties. This thing is now paining me seriously. In fact , I can’t defecate easily.

Please, nurses and doctors in the house, come to my aid.

Note: I noticed that, I ejaculate within 3 to 4 mins during sex. I don’t know maybe it’s because of the pile?

Also, I have used and inserted some drugs (Anosoid or so, I can’t really remember it spelling) recommended by a general hospital doctor yet, this thing is still stubborn. I have also visited Alagbo (herbal). In fact, The money wasted can’t just be mentioned.

This night, I discovered the that its now out itself. Since all these while, it has been in, I only feel or see it while defecating.

I can’t just imagine what people have been saying. like, "I wont be able to impregnate a lady" and all sorts of things like that.

Pls, help your boy.

Help for wider view .

I will appreciate all comments, remedy, solution, cure etc just to get this out of my anus.


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