Can You Drive On Nigerian Roads Without Scratches?

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2019)

I recently go a direct tokumbo car I’m driving that’s smooth and clean. I swore that I’ll be so careful on the road as not to get it scratched or bashed and I’ve maintained that.
Count down to last Friday evening. I was driving down the street, approaching a T-Junction, I put on my pointer to the direction I’m turning to, lo and behold this nigga with a tinted 406 was doing a reverse right at the T-junction. I sighted him and stopped even though I had the right of way to move….all along I’ve been beeping my horn just to signal him that I’m there and I couldn’t reverse because another car was following. This nigga reversed and hit me from the side. I came down , didn’t know if to start a fight or shout or scream. He said he didn’t see. It’s a minor scratch but it hurts.

Can you totally avoid such on our roads


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