5 Reasons Why Love Scenes Are Important In Storytelling

(Last Updated On: February 19, 2020)

Humans are emotional beings and are constantly looking for love; this, they do consciously or subconsciously. People are driven by love and this dictates how we perceive, feel and respond to anything. The need to love and feel love is inherent in everyone everywhere so much so that we’re drawn to whatever or whomever meets this need.
Try to imagine a world without love.. It’s terrible! Whatever speaks this language of love appeals to us more than a loveless alternative. This is why we tend to prefer some music, movies, people or books more than others.
If you love to read or write, especially fiction, you’ll most likely agree that stories with no elements of physical attraction are boring and simply vapid and I’m tempted to say almost pointless. I for one can’t read five chapters of a book without a lil bit of romance every now and then.
Okay apart from the obvious romantic exuberance, I’ll be sharing with you 5 reasons why love scenes are important in storytelling.

1. It gets your readers addicted to your story

Romance has time and again proved to be potent at capturing attention. Whether it’s from the news headlines or a gossip column in a magazine, people can’t resist the story of two people who have deep affection for each other. When your story has one or more persons in love, your readers are compelled to love these characters more. This makes them glued to your story as they want to follow through to see how this love unfolds.

2. It makes your characters come alive

Your characters might be fictional but when you make them capable of feeling passion, they seem more real and alive. In fact, some of us have wished a character was indeed real because of how much we connected with them, their struggles, loss, pains, love, joys etc. So next time you writing a story you might want to spice up your protagonists part with some romance. They may seem to go in search for it or simply neglect the concept while all the while everyone (your readers) know they’re in love with another character but just won’t admit it. And the scenarios go on and on.

3. It immortalizes your story (or character)

This is no doubt the secrets of our favorite classics; the likes of Romeo Juliet, Marilyn Monroe, Jack and Rose etc. The love roles this characters featured rendered them timeless. Most people would even recall the names of characters and forget their authors. Yes, such is the power of love.

4. It teaches life lessons

Because people would rather learn from someone else’s mistakes than theirs. Countless times I have applied lessons learned from such stories to real life relationship issues and they helped! This, if done with wisdom, could shape relationships for the better. So that your stories are entertaining as well as informative.

5. It builds empathy

Reading and writing is all about empathy. Once the writer has successfully entered into the mind of his readers and the reader, the authors’, mission accomplished. Readers like to accredit the term favorite authors to writers who they understand and who understands them. The trick is, your readers relate with you based on how they could relate with your characters. So make them fall in love with your characters by blowing their minds away with breathtaking romance plots.

For what other reasons do you love to read or write stories with love plots?

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