President Muhammadu Buhari approved N37 billion for the renovation of the National Assembly complex which is included in the 2020 budget, is however not part of the N128 billion allocated for the National Assembly for next year.

Nigerians have taken to their social media page to react to the N37 Billion for renovation approved by Buhari.

See some of their reactions below..

Where did Nigerians offend the 9th Assembly? How did they approve such idiocy: #37Billion Naira for renovation of the National Assembly & paltry #48 billion for capital expenditure in Education..No roads good health facilities – @eberenwankwor

Buhari has approved #37billion just for a building that will house 109 people, look at the State of Nigerian Hospitals, Schools and Roads. Not to mention unemployment problem. I weep for naija because the leaders of this country have no conscience or scruples 😢😢😢 – @deedycash

Imagine using #37billion to Renovate a building for people that doesn’t have sense!
When our schools, road,mines, hospital, economic is so bad. Buh don’t lemme talk b4 they will say it’s hate speech – @Oloye_Samyoung

Nigerians: we need hospitals, schools, electricity, good roads and all. Buhari and the senate: you all are not serious with it, let us approve #37billion for the renovations of the NASS. Are we not mad like this in Nigeria? God, who did we offend? God, we don’t deserve this. – @hordarphey

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