Top 11 Best/Free MyBB Dark and Light Gaming Forum Themes

If you own a gaming forum, running the MyBB software and you are a fan of dark themes. In this guide, we’ve listed 11 free dark gaming themes for MyBB forums.

Don’t know how to upload and install a theme in MyBB? See how to upload/install a theme in MyBB (step by step with pictures).

This guide is written for MyBB version 1.8.x, all of the themes listed below are improved themes, coded for version 1.8.x of MyBB software.

1. JAMPS – Game Zone Black Orange


JAMPS – GamerZone Black Orange is a dark gaming MyBB theme by XEDE. It has black and orange as it main colours. This theme could be used on all forums.

2. Star Gaming Theme


Star Gaming Theme is a light gaming forum theme coded by Nasyr. It has a light background, improved board statistics, attractive header. It’s really a beautiful theme with less colour combinations. If you are a lover of light forum theme, you could go for Star Gaming Theme. You can also use it on tech forums not only gaming forums.

3. JAMPS – GamerZone Black Yellow


JAMPS – GamerZone Black Yellow is a dark theme by XEDE. It could also be used on tech forums. JAMPS – GamerZone Black Yellow theme has a few colour combinations. Go for this if you really like dark skin themes with less colours.

4. Alpha Gaming


Alpha Gaming is a dark theme by Donatas. This theme is a remake of the popular Alpha Gaming theme and has been updated/improved to the latest version of MyBB (1.8.x), though, the improvements are minor. It was initially built for the older versions of MyBB and later got updated to the latest version of MyBB.

5. JAMPS – GamerZone Black Green


JAMPS – GamerZone Black Green is another beautiful dark theme by XEDE. It’s another dark skin gaming theme but could be used on all forums. The main colours of this theme are black and green. JAMPS – GamerZone Black Green is really beautiful, I actually fell for it at first sight.

6. Revolution Gaming


Revolution Gaming is a dark gaming theme code by iAndrew. It has a dark background you’ll like if you are a fan of dark forum themes. This theme is usually used for gaming forums and it’s also good for tech forums.

7. JAMPS – GamerZone White Orange


JAMPS – GamerZone White Orange is a dark and light forum gaming theme by XEDE. It’s usually used on gaming forums but it dark and beautiful skin colour has made it useful for all forums.

8. JAMPS – GamerZone White Blue


JAMPS – GamerZone White Blue is another beautiful and classic MyBB theme. JAMPS – GamerZone White Blue is a light and dark skin theme that could be used on all forums, not gaming forums alone.

9. JAMPS – GamerZone Black Blue


JAMPS – GamerZone Black Blue is another wonderfully made theme. This theme could be used on all forums, not only gaming and tech.

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10. iGame Theme


igame is a dark semi transparent white and black gaming theme by iAndrew. It has blurred effect background. igame theme is a popular gaming theme. It could be used on all forums but really cool on gaming and tech forums.

11. JAMPS – GamerZone White Red


JAMPS – GamerZone White Red, built by XEDE. This theme could be used on any forum and it’s a dark skin theme. JAMPS – GamerZone White Red is becoming a popular gaming theme.


This JovialGuide has shown you 11 gaming forum themes (light and dark themes) which you could use to beautify your gaming forum. You’ve found out that most gaming forum themes could also be used on tech forums, even on all forums.


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