Close A Forum Board Temporarily For Upgrade/Maintenance In MyBB

You are planning to upgrade your MyBB forum but you wouldn’t like your forum members/visitors to view your forum till forum upgrade is complete. You’d love to place a message on your forum that tells your forum users the reasons for setting your forum offline. This JovialGuide teaches you how to close and open your MyBB forum.

What Does It Mean To Close A Forum In MyBB Temporarily?

To close a forum temporarily is another way of saying “a forum is offline for upgrades/maintenance”. This means that the usual forum contents we see (create thread, post reply, latest posts), won’t appear any more. All pages of the frontend will display an offline message which prevents your MyBB forum users from creating threads and posting replies.

Ever visited a website and found “under maintanace, visit in few hours” or “our website is offline for upgrades, please visit us in a couple of days”? That website is offline!

Note: When a forum is offline or closed, only the forum administrators can access, add or modify any forum content.

Closing a forum temporarily doesn’t mean a forum is shuting down. But closed for maintenance purpose.

Why And When You May Want To Close Your Forum Temporarily

Anything could come up, ranging from forum upgrade/redesigning, forum gets broken while editing/modifying MyBB core files, uploading malicious or wrong plugins/themes etc. It could be anything!

Closing your forum temporarily is actually what you should do while the upgrade is on.

When your forum visitors visit your forum, expecting to see your forum posts instead they’ll see a message that explains why the forum administrators have decided to close or put their forum in a maintenance mode.

You have the option to use your own customized offline message or use the default offline message.

Closing your forum temporarily during upgrade will help prevent your visitors from seeing a broken forum which causes discomfort to them.

When exactly you should temporarily close your forum is during forum upgrades/maintenance. This gives hope to your users (especially if you have much traffic) that the forum isn’t shutting down but under maintenance and will be back soon.

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How To Temporarily Close Your MyBB Forum

Login to your forum Admin Control Panel (usually called Admin CP or ACP). After a successful login, you’ll be redirected to your forum dashboard (see the screenshot below).


Click on the configuration tab. The configuration page contains your board settings. Next, click on board online / offline settings which is the first setting (from top) on your configuration page.


A new page will load, this new page contains two settings. The first setting is an option to set your forum online / offline (open/close) while the second setting is a text-area you should use in specifying the reasons for temporarily setting your forum offline (closing your forum).


Note: The text-area appears if your forum is set to offline (set forum to offline – yes).

To close your forum, select the yes option and either enter your customized offline message or use the default offline message in the text-area by leaving it unmodified. Save your new settings and view your forum to see it offline/closed.

What About Including Images To My Offline Message?

You may ask! Yes, it’s pretty possible. You only need the basic understanding of HTML markup language to add images. You could use HTML tags like the <img> tag, bold font style, use the <b> tag, italics font style, use the <i> tag and other HTML markup tags are allowed. Note: That it doesn’t support BB tags but HTML tags alone.

What Should My Customized Offline Message Look Like?

Your customized offline message shouldn’t be like a story. It should be a self explanatory message to your visitors.

It should look like this: We are sorry to let you know that our forum is currently offline/close for maintenance. We’ll be back soon. Or… Our forum is currently closed for upgrade. It should be as short as possible, easy to comprehend.

I’m Done Upgrading My Forum, How Do I Open/Set My Forum Online?

When you are done upgrading your forum, head over to your forum dashboard and click on the configuration. On the new page, click on board online / offline settings. When it loads, change the board online / offline setting to no and save. View your forum to see it live/online/open again.


A perfect look at this article will walk you through on how to temporarily close and open your MyBB forum (offline /online) which doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Closing your forum for upgrade helps to not discomfort your forum users.


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