How to Install, Setup and Run Joomla! on a Local Webserver using Android (Step by Step Tutorial With Pictures)

If you are just starting to use Joomla or you are a developer and you found out that building a wesite offline is much faster than building/hosting on a live server. Now, you want a smooth Integreted Development Environment(IDE) for your android device, that supports PHP, MYSQL Database and PhpMyAdmin to host your Joomla website locally.

This JovialGuide will teach you the basics and how to locally host your Joomla website. This JovialGuide has the step-by-step instructions on installing and running Joomla on your android device.

Getting Started

You should have enough space in your android device before you proceed.

Before being able to host your Joomla website on a localserver, you’ll have to download a copy of Joomla software from, the official website of Joomla. Download any version of your choice. We strongly recommend the latest version of Joomla, at the time of writing these lines, the latest version of Joomla is v3.

Next, download PHP Runner from Google play Store. PHP Runner is an android offline tool/application, used for hosting websites locally (on a localserver). PHP Runner supports MYSQL DataBase, PhpMyAdmin and upto PHP version 5.

Download Easy Unzip from Google Play Store. Easy Unzip is an android application that enables you extract any zipped file, that is, easy unzip is used for extracting, unpacking and unzipping a valid file in .zip format. After downloading PHP Runner and Easy Unzip, install both softwares to your android device.

You’ll need a browser if you aren’t comfortable using the built-in browser that comes with PHP Runner. We recommend Opera Mini version 32 or Fire Fox. These are the two tested browsers you can use (you could also use other browsers if they are supported). Download any of these browsers from Google PlayStore.

Now that you have a copy of Joomla, PHP Runner and Easy Unzip, let’s learn to download PhpMyAdmin into our device storage.

SiteGround Web Hosting

Downloading PhpMyAdmin

Launch PHP Runner, select start.

start PHP Runner

When the software starts, select download PhpMyAdmin and let it download.

download PhpMyAdmin

If it’s successful, download PhpMyAdmin wiil change to run phpmyadmin.

run PhpMyAdmin

Above run PhpMyAdmin, you’ll see pages url – http://localhost:8080, user – root, password – leave empty, host –, database name – mysql. These are your database details, you’ll need them to access PhpMyAdmin and to install Joomla or any Open Source CMS (Content Management System).

PHP Runner database details

Before we can use the Joomla software (in .zip) we downloaded earlier, we’ll have to unpack, unzip or extract it. Let’s learn how to unzip our Joomla software.

Unzipping/Unpacking/Extracting Joomla

Launch Easy Unzip and locate the Joomla software (in .zip format) you downloaded earlier, open and choose select. You’ll find out that all files and folders has been selected.

easy unzip select

Choose select all. All files and folders will be selected.

easy unzip select all

Next, select here.

You’ll see a dialog box that has 2 options (extraction options), you are to select 1 out of 2 options. The first option is extract here which will extract all files and folders present in the Joomla .zip file in the current folder you are. While the second option is select where, it lets you select where to extract your zip file to. Tick create folders to create their folders while extracting the Joomla files.

easy unzip dialog box

You’ll extract your .zip file to htdocs folder, present either in the sdcard or the mobile storage of your android device. It actually depends on the storage you downloaded PHP Runner to, if to sdcard or mobile storage.

When extraction is successful, exit Easy Unzip. It’s time to install our extracted Joomla software.

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The Main Joomla Installion Processes

This is the main part of this tutorial. Before we begin the installation, you should note your localhost address which is http://localhost:8080, your PhpMyAdmin address is http://localhost:8080/phpmyadmin.

http must be prefixed to the address before it works. Fire Fox browser comes with prefixed http, you don’t have to add http anytime you want to access your localhost. If you are using Opera Mini browser, you’ll have to manually add http before your localhost address.

To begin the installation of Joomla locally, visit your localhost address by entering http://localhost:8080 to the browser adrees bar or click http://localhost:8080. You’ll see Joomla_3.9.0-Stable-Full_Package which is your Joomla local website address/URL. In this guide, I renamed my Joomla folder to joomla. You can also rename your Joomla foder to joomla.

Now that you’ve renamed your Joomla folder from Joomla_3.9.0-Stable-Full_Package to joomla, visit your locally hosted Joomla website by writing http://localhost:8080/joomla into your browser address bar or the address bar of PHP Runner.

PHP Runner address bar
Address bar of PHP Runner

You’ll see your Joomla folder, the one you extracted and renamed earlier, select it and you’ll be taken to Joomla installation page.

You can also access your local Joomla website by clicking http://localhost:8080/joomla. You’ll be connected to Joomla’s installation page since you haven’t installed Joomla (locally) yet.

Joomla’s installation processes are divided into 3 stages/pages. These stages are:

  • The Main Configuration Stage/Page
  • The Database Configuration Stage/Page
  • The Overview or the Final Stage/Page

The Main Configuration Stage/Page

Joomla main configuration stage

This first stage/page of Joomla installation, enables you setup the basic settings for your local Joomla website. These basic settings are:

  • Preferred Language
  • Site Name
  • Site Description
  • Set Site Offline
  • Super User Account Details

  • Email
  • Username
  • Enter/Confirm Password

Selecting Your Preferred Language

It lets you select the language you’d like or the language you better understand.

Select your preferred language by clicking on the arrow of the dropdown below. This will cause the menu to drop. Choose the language of your choice to select your preferred language. You should know that any language you select will be automatically installed to your Joomla website. You can easily change or install new languages in the backend of Joomla.

Site Name

Your site name isn’t your website URL. It will be used as part of your website title page title. Make sure you give it a nice short name.

Site Description

You are to enter a detailed description about your Joomla website. This will be used as your meta description so, it should be short and detailed. Meta descriptions are essential for your website since search engines depend on it to know what your website or webpage is all-about.

Your meta description will be automatically placed in the section of your website. This is how it looks . Meta tags are invisible to your website users but visible to search engines.

Set Site Offline

You have the option to temporarily close/place your Joomla website offline or in a maintenance mode. Select yes if you want to temporarily place your website in a maintenance mode, no if you want to make your website open.

Super User Email

Here, you’ll have to input your administrative/super user Email address. This Email address will help you recover your administrative/super user password etc. Be sure your Email address is correct before proceeding.

Super User Username

Your super user username is the name you’ll use to login to the administrative/backend/control panel of your Joomla website. Enter the username you want and proceed.

Enter/Confirm Password

Since passwords are special numerical, alpha-numerical etc secret-words we call our identities, that are used to gain access to information, account etc. We recommend you pick a password that is about 7 and above in length. It should not be pronounceable and it should be a combination of alphabets, numerics, special characters, etc. Your password shouldn’t be guessable, your name, pet name, etc. It should be hard to guess!

Now that you’ve choosen a strong password that is not guessable, enter it into the password field and equally enter it into the confirm password field. Be sure that the password you entered in the enter password field match the password in the confirm password field else you will not be able to proceed to the next stage/page.

If you have noticed that the site name field and all of the fields in the super user account details are marked with the asterisk sign (*). It means you can’t leave any of those fields empty, you will not be able to proceed if any of those fields are left empty.

Database Configuration

Joomla database configuration stage

This second stage of Joomla installation covers all settings that has to do with your database configuration.

Read the information below site editor of your PHP Runner, it contains a short information about your database details.

PHP Runner database details

Selecting Database Type

This is the database type your Joomla website will use. Joomla supports different database types. These database types are; PDO, MySQLi postgresql, PDOMYSQL, etc. Select the database type that you want.

Host Name

The host name has been provided (by PHP runner). Enter your host name which is

Database Username

Since we are installing Joomla locally, our database username is root. Enter root into the database username field and proceed to the next.

Database Password

This is usually asked in-order to help protect your database from unauthourised accesses. Our database password field will be left empty. Leave the database field empty.

Database Name

Since we aren’t installing Joomla on a live server, PHP Runner has provided our database name which is mysql. Enter mysql into the database name field (in small letters).

Table Prefix

For security reasons, this is usually randomly generated. Use the generated prefix or you could decide to enter your desired prefix, it must end with and underscore (_). If the prefix you want to use is jovial, add an underscore to the end and it will become jovial_.

Table prefixes usually contain a combination of letters, numbers and symbols.

Old Database Process

This is an option to either backup or remove (if it exists) a database, if there’s any using our database detail. You have an option to either remove it by selecting no or to backup it up by selecting yes. It actually depends on you. Select any you think you are comfortable with.

All of our Database details are already available (by PHP Runner). Visit the home screen to see your database details.

The Final Stage/Page

Joomla final stage

This page doesn’t have to do with additional settings. The final stage displays all of the settings you entered during the initial installation processes. It displays settings like: the main configuration, database configuration, pre-installation and recommended settings.

If you’d like to install sample data, select the sample data type of your choice. This will install Joomla with sample contents. If you want to learn/practice Joomla, go for none. Joomla will be installed without any sample data. Next to proceed to the next page.

Deleting The Installation Directory After Installing Joomla

When you click next, you’ll be taken to another page that shows a success message that Joomla has been installed. Before you can login to the administrative area or view your locally hosted Joomla website, you’ll have to delete the installation folder/directory. This is usually asked for security purpose, to prevent anyone from running or re-installing Joomla.

To delete the installation folder, click remove installation folder. Wait for it to process. You are actually done! You can now view or login to the administrative area of your Joomla website. Click on view site to view your new Joomla (local) website or administrative area to login to the backend of your Joomla website.

Joomla remove installation folder

The Installation Folder Doesn’t Delete After I Click Remove

If the installation folder doesn’t delete automatically after you click remove installation folder, you can manually delete the installation folder yourself.

Locate the htdocs folder (the folder that contains your local Joomla website and PhpMyAdmin) » joomla » installation. Delete the folder named installation right inside the joomla folder.

Note that you can’t proceed, view your local site or login to the administrative area of your Joomla website if you don’t delete/remove the installation folder. Therefore, it’s pretty necessary to remove the installation folder in-order to proceed.

Visiting/Viewing Your Joomla Website

After removing the installation folder, you’ll be able to visit/view your Joomla website. To visit your newly installed Joomla website, add /joomla to the end of localhost:8080. It will look like this http://localhost:8080/joomla.

If you didn’t rename your extracted Joomla folder to joomla, replace the name of your Joomla folder with joomla. It will look like this http://localhost:8080/your-joomla-folder. You’ll be able to view your new website.

Logging into Administrative Panel

The administrative area enables you to post articles, edit existing articles, change templates, etc. To login to the administrative panel/backend, add /joomla/administrator to the end of localhost:8080. It will look like this http://localhost:8080/joomla/administrator .

joomla in the URL is the name of the Joomla folder you extracted earlier. If your Joomla folder isn’t named joomla, replace joomla with the name of your Joomla folder available in your htdocs.

Logging into/Running PhpMyAdmin

If you want to login to phpmyadmin, add /phpmyadmin to the end of localhost:8080. This is what it will look like http://localhost/phpmyadmin.

You can also access PhpMyAdmin by clicking the run phpmyadmin button. You can find this on the home screen of PHP PhpMyAdmin

Make sure to always start PHP Runner before attempting to run PhpMyAdmin or visit your locally installed Joomla website. Else, you will encounter an error that say webpage not available. This is because you didn’t start PHP Runner before visiting your localhost.

Do well to always add http:// before localhost.

Final Take Away

You may have noticed that your PHP Runner/localhost uses htdocs instead of public_html. PHP Runner uses htdocs instead of public_html.

If you follow this JovialGuide step by step, you’ll be able to install and run Joomla on your android.

We always appreciate it whenever you comment and share our tutorial. Please do well to leave a comment and share.

Have the most beautiful weekend.


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