How to Prevent Directory Listing in Joomla

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Do you want to prevent directory listing in Joomla?

By default, when the web server doesn’t find an index file – index.php, or index.html, the web server automatically displays a page that has the contents of the directory without an index file.

For the sake of Joomla security, it can lead your Joomla website to getting hacked, because it reveals the important files of your web server, extension, template or even your website.

In this JovialGuide, we will show you how to prevent directory listing in Joomla.

How to Prevent Directory Listing in Joomla

You will have to add a line of configuration to the .htaccess file of your web server, and directory listing will be prevented.

Warning – The .htaccess file is a sensitive file in the web server, any misconfiguration may break your Joomla website. So, be careful!

To prevent directory listing in Joomla, log-into your hosting cPanel and click on File Manager. Alternatively, you can connect to your FTP client.

Once you are logged-in, open the “public_html” folder. Inside it, you will find the .htaccess file. Open it as well.

If you installed Joomla in a subdirectory, open the subdirectory you installed Joomla to and you will find the .htaccess file.

Once opened, goto the last line of the .htaccess file and add the following configuration rule to it and save.

Options -Indexes

After that, try accessing the pages that were showing the contents of its directories, and you will find out that they are showing an error 404.

Congratulations! You just prevented directory listing in Joomla.

We hope this JovialGuide helps you learn how to disable directory listing in Joomla.

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