How to Perfectly Learn and Practice Joomla Very Fast for Free (the Beginners Step by Step Tutorial)

You found out that Joomla is a very powerful and flexible CMS and among the top 5 popular CMSs. You’ve decided to learn how it works and how to use Joomla. This JovialGuide will teach you how to learn Joomla (step by step) with ease.

Decide if you Want to Learn/practice Joomla Locally or on a Live Webserver

This is actually the first thing you should consider before learning Joomla. You have to decide if you want to learn/practice Joomla on a local webserver (localhost) or you want to learn/practice Joomla on a live webserver.

This is actually where you want to keep your Joomla files.

We strongly recommend learning Joomla on a localhost, since it’s easier to setup, faster and doesn’t require you to pay for anything.

If you want to learn Joomla on a live webserver and don’t know the right web host to choose, we always recommend SiteGround because it’s fast and secure.

Take a visit to SiteGround to host with them.

Install Joomla Software

Now that you’ve decided where to host Joomla for your practices, you have to install Joomla to either a local sever or a live server.

If you’ve decided to install Joomla locally (local webserver or localhost) on your android device, see our JovialGuide on how to install, setup and run Joomla locally on android (step by step tutorial with pictures) . After the installation of Joomla on a localhost, you’ll be able to learn/practice Joomla on your android device.

Read the Joomla Documentation

Documentations are helpful put-together instructions on the history, how something works, how to use it etc. Reading the documentation on Joomla Will help you better understand and learn Joomla faster. The documentation of Joomla is available on the official website of Joomla. Visit for Joomla’s documentation.

Search for Joomla Tutorials

JovialGuide offers free and comprehensive Joomla tutorials, navigate to our Joomla tutorials section to read more tutorials on Joomla.

And if you’d like a specific Joomla tutorial, you can Google search. Enter the title of the Joomla tutorial of your interest and add Jovialguide to the end of the query you are searching for and click enter. Example; if you are searching for joomla tutorials or how to learn joomla. Add Jovialguide to the end of your search query before hitting the enter button.

This will index all of our published Joomla tutorials. Your search query will look like this joomla tutorials jovialguide or how to learn joomla jovialguide. There’s nothing wrong if you use in-place of jovialguide.

If there’s any tutorial you’d like us to write or cover, please reach us using our contact us page. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

If you still want to search for Joomla tutorials, offered by other websites, it’s still fine!

We also recommend TutorialsPoint Joomla Tutorials. Their Joomla tutorials are awesome and comprehensive!

WordPress users looking for the best WordPress web hosting provider in 2019, see top 10 best WordPress web hosting service providers in 2019

If you are looking for the best Joomla web hosting provider in 2019, we wrote a JovialGuide that shows you the top 10 best web hosting companies that offer Joomla hosting in 2019. These top 10 best Joomla web hosting service providers in 2019 offer quality Joomla website hosting services.

Magento users aren’t left behind! We also wrote a JovialGuide that lists out the top 10 best Magento web hosting companies in 2019.

Search For and Join Joomla Forums

Forums are usually interactive. Any forum that is not interactive, is dead! A forum is a website or part of a website where you can ask questions, get answers, post reply to other questions, meet experts/beginners in any field etc.

You can search for Joomla forum or communities using the search query joomla forums or joomla communities. These queries will list out Joomla forums or communities you could join.

Forums will help you even learn Joomla faster since they are usually interactive. Note that Joomla forum or Joomla community, both of them mean the same thing!

The official Joomla forum you could join is

Watch YouTube Videos on Joomla

Since YouTube is the largest video sharing site, several instructional videos has been added to YouTube over the years.

They are dozen of YouTube channels you could find helpful instructional videos on Joomla for beginners. Visit YouTube and search for joomla tutorials for beginners, you’ll find helpful videos and channels that offer Joomla tutorials.

Download or Buy Premium Courses (eBooks)

If you don’t like instructional videos, you can download free or purchase paid Joomla courses. ebooks are written instructions or stories. If you think you prefer eBooks you could easily download or purchase paid courses from the vendors.

Practice on a Localhost or a Live Webserver

If you’ve finally decided to install Joomla on a localhost, you can easily learn/practice Joomla locally. We usually recommend a localhost (local webserver) for learning purpose, since it’s fast and requires no cost to set-up.

If you decide to go for a live server, fine! But it will cost you some money (domain/hosting). Since we are learning/practicing, we recommend a local server.

Learn PHP Programming Language, SQL, HTML and CSS

Since the sever side of Joomla is written in PHP, we recommend you learn PHP if you want to understand Joomla really well.

Learn HTML and CSS. All of the styles of Joomla is done using CSS and HTML as it structure. Learning both of them will help you be able to style your Joomla website to your taste.

We also recommend you learn SQL language, it will help you use your phpmyadmin/database.

Learning the four (listed) above would help you a lot. They require much dedication. But if you think you aren’t a coder or learning them (PHP especially) would take much of your time and dedication. It’s still okay if you can’t learn them. You’ll still be able to learn/practice Joomla even without any coding knowledge.

Get Yourself a Teacher (optional)

Paying someone to teach you is also a faster way to learn Joomla. You can get an online (remote) or a physical teacher that would coach you on Joomla.

Keep practicing all you’ve learned

It’s a good practice to go-through all the things you learned by practicing them. We recommend you practice each time you learn something new, either something big or just-for-beginners. It will help you get used to Joomla.

Practice as you learn, don’t wait till whenever you learn something really technical before you practice the things you learned already. Practice as you learn!

Though, Joomla isn’t hard to learn but it requires much time and dedication to understand how it works and how to use it.



Joomla is a flexible and powerful CMS, therefore, it requires time and dedication. Now that you’ve read this JovialGuide, you’ve found out how easy it is to learn Joomla for free. You can navigate to our Joomla tutorials section to read more tutorials on Joomla.

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