Ultimate Guide: How to Install Joomla in 2020

Learning how to install Joomla gives you knowledge on what Joomla installation is like, and the information needed!

In this JovialGuide, we will show you how to install Joomla in 2020.

Setup Your Hosting Account

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A2 Hosting Joomla Hosting Plans

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Choose a Plan

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Choose a Domain Name

After you have selected the plan that you want, you will be asked to choose your domain.

A2 Hosting Choose Domain

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Configure your Plan Options

On this page, you will be presented with configuration options and paid services.

A2 Hosting Configure Plan Options

Select the options you need and click the Continue button to proceed.

Review Your Details

This page allows you review all of the configurations you did.

A2 Hosting Review Your Details

Once you have reviewed and confirmed everything, click on the Checkout button to proceed.


On the checkout page, fill out your account password, billing address, personal information, and choose your preferred payment method.

For payment methods, A2 Hosting accepts different payment options, such as: American Express, Visa, Mastercard, etc., choose one that is most comfortable to you.

A2 Hosting Complete Order

After you have confirmed everything, click on the Complete Order button and your A2 Hosting account will be setup.

How to Install Joomla in 2020

To install Joomla via Softaculous, log into your hosting cPanel account. Under the Software section, click on the Softaculous icon. Then click on the Joomla icon.

Before starting the installation, do note that the Joomla installation is divided into 3 stages. Namely: Configuration, Database and the Overview stage.

Main Configuration Stage

On the “Configuration” stage of Joomla installation, you will find Main Configuration and the Super User Account Details’ sections.

Start by selecting your preferred language. For the sake of this JovialGuide, we are choosing English (United States).

On the “Main Configuration”, enter your sitename into the Sitename field, and a short description (of your site) of 20 words in maximum into the Description field.

Joomla Web Installer - Main Configuration

The Site Offline option lets you set your Joomla website offline for maintenance. In this case, we don’t want it to be offline. So, the Site Offline option will be No – for your Joomla website to be online.

After that, on the “Super User Account Details”, enter your Email address (one you still have access to), Username, Password and Confirm Password (enter the same password you used for the Password field into the Confirm Password field) into their corresponding fields.

Joomla Web Installer - Super User Account Details

Make sure you write them down and keep them save, because you will use them to log-into your Joomla website, and also to retrieve your login detail(s) if you forget it.

You can always change these details at the backend of Joomla after installation.

Note – that the fields marked with asterisk (*) are most important, and cannot be left empty!

Once you are done, click on the “Next” button to proceed to the Database Configuration stage.

Database Stage

The “Database” stage is the stage that you will configure your Joomla database using the details provided by your Joomla host. If you do not know your Joomla database details, do contact their support team for assistance.

If you have your Joomla database details provided to you by your hosting provider, go ahead and select the Database Type, enter Host Name, Username, Password, and the Database Name into their corresponding fields.

Joomla Web Installer - Database Configuration Stage

After that, enter a table prefix into the Table Prefix field (four to five character long, and must end with an underscore), or use the randomly generated one.

For the old Database Process, it lets you either backup or remove any existing tables from the previous Joomla installation, which has the same Table Prefix as the one above. So, we will select the Remove option to remove it, if it exists.

After you are done, click on the “Next” button to proceed to the next stage.

Overview Stage

The Overview stage is the last stage in the Joomla installation. It presents all of the configuration details you entered from the Configuration to the Database stages, and also allow you setup some other configuration settings.

Sample Data are already created, or ready-made contents that are installed to a Joomla website to simplify the building processes. For the Install Sample Data configuration under the Finalization section, select “None”.

Joomla Web Installer - Finalization

For the Email Configuration option under the Overview section, select the Yes option. Once it is selected (yes), another configuration option – “Include Passwords in Email” will appear. For security reasons, select No, so that your password will not be included in the Email that will be sent to you.

Joomla Web Installer - Overview

The Main Configuration section displays all of the details you entered in the Main Configuration stage, except your password details. While the Database Configuration section shows all of the database configurations you entered in the Database Configuration stage, except your database password.

Joomla Web Installer - Main and Database Configuration Sections

The Pre-installation Check section shows you if your hosting server meets the minimum requirements to run Joomla. And for the Recommended Settings, it displays all of the recommended settings to ensure full compatibility with Joomla.

Joomla Web Installer - Pre-installation and Recommended Settings

If any setting is marked “No” in the Pre-installation Check section, do contact your Joomla host for assistance.

If you find out that you missed any configuration setting, you can easily go back and correct it/them by clicking on the Previous button above or below the page.

After you have confirmed everything, click on the “Next” button for the wizard to run the process.

If you see “Congratulations! Joomla is now installed”, then you just installed Joomla!

On this same page, you will see an extra step to install new language, administrative login details, and other things.

Joomla Installed Successfully

Before we can build a Joomla website, we will have to remove the installation folder for security purposes.

To remove the installation folder, simply click on Remove “Installation” Folder and the installation folder will be removed automatically.

You may also want to see our detailed JovialGuide on how to install Joomla on Android for more.

Access and Log-into the Joomla Backend

After installing Joomla, the next thing to do is to log into the backend of your Joomla website so that you can start building your Joomla website.

The admin log-in page of your Joomla website could be accessed by adding /administrator to the end of the URL. For example, If your Joomla homepage URL is example.com, adding /administrator to the end of example.com, it becomes example.com/administrator.

Once you type in the correct Joomla login page URL, you will be presented with a page like the one below.

Joomla Administrator

Now, to log into your Joomla website, enter your correct Joomla admin username and password (the ones you used while installing Joomla), and click login.

Congratulations, you just installed Joomla!

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We hope this JovialGuide helps you learn how to install Joomla in 2020.

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