How to Disable Joomla Update Notification Email

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Do you want to disable Joomla update notification Email?

In this JovialGuide, we will show you how to disable Joomla update notification Email easily.

To disable Joomla update notification Email, log-into the Joomla website that you want to disable update notification Email. If you are new to Joomla, then see types of websites you can create with Joomla, how to create a blog in Joomla or how to build a Joomla website.

After you are logged-in, click on Extensions » Manage » Manage.

Joomla Extensions - Manage

This page displays all of the extensions installed to your Joomla website.

Next, search for “System – Joomla! Update Notification”. This is the plugin that is responsible for the Joomla update notification Email.

Search for System - Joomla Update Notification

When it opens, you will notice a green tick beside it. This simply means that the plugin is enabled.

To disable the Joomla update notification Email, click on the green tick to disable it. Once clicked, it will become a red circle with a white “x”.

System - Joomla Update Notification

That’s all, you just disabled Joomla update notification Email.

To enable Joomla update notification Email, then click on the red circle with a white “x”, and it is enabled!

We hope this JovialGuide helps you learn how to disable Joomla update notification Email.

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