How to Create an FAQs Page in Joomla

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If you have ever wanted to create an FAQ page in Joomla, then this JovialGuide is for you!

While building a Joomla website or blog, you would want to create an FAQ page in Joomla to answer some of the questions your users might have concerning your services.

In this JovialGuide, we’ll show you how to create an FAQ page in Joomla.

What are FAQs?

FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions are a compilation of the commonly asked questions and answers that are relating to a service. You can also see an FAQ as a page or section with a collection of most asked questions and answers.

Just like a contact us page, an FAQ page is one of the most important and must-have sections for every business or service-driven website.

FAQs are very essential to businesses, because it saves them the time and energy from having to answer the same queries from different users. So, if you create an FAQ page, you can always direct them to the FAQ page, and they can always direct other users, or make references to the FAQ page at any time.

Moreover, creating an FAQ page in Joomla saves your users the time from having to contact your support team on simple or frequent questions.

So, if you are building a Joomla website, then you need to create an FAQ page to display frequently or commonly asked questions and their answers.

What to Include in an FAQ Page

Now that you have understood what FAQ is, you are now interested in creating an FAQ page in Joomla, and you want to know what to include in your FAQ page.

If you are creating an FAQ page, here are what to include in your FAQ page:

  • Frequent questions – the purpose of FAQs is to answer the commonly asked questions, so include commonly asked questions
  • Use accordions – make use of accordions to style your FAQ page
  • Add links – you can add links to other pages of your Joomla website or knowledgebase

  • Brevity – have your FAQ answers very detailed, and as short as possible

Where to Create FAQs

You can create your FAQs on:

  • A standalone page (FAQ page)
  • A section on another page (FAQ section)

In this JovialGuide, we will show you how to create an FAQ page and an FAQ section in Joomla.

How to Create an FAQ Page in Joomla Using SP Page Builder

For this JovialGuide, we will be using SP Page Builder.

SP Page Builder is a powerful drag and drop Joomla page builder, developed by JoomShaper, one of the best Joomla template providers.

It comes with ready features to enable you build a Joomla website without any hassle, or coding knowledge. SP Page Builder is available in both free and paid versions, so, you can try out the free version before going for the paid.

After downloading SP Page Builder, install and activate it.

You may want to see the best drag and drop Joomla page builders for more.

Since we are creating an FAQ page in Joomla using SP Page Builder, then we will proceed by adding a new page.

To add a new page in SP Page Builder, goto SP Page Builder » Add New Page.

SP Page Builder - Add New Page

After that, you will be presented with a new page for you to add. Go ahead and enter the title of the page that you are adding.

SP Page Builder - Add New Page Title

After entering the page title, we will continue creating an FAQ page in Joomla by adding a row.

To add a row in SP Page Builder, click on “Add New Row”. After that, you will see a rectangle with boxes inside of it. Now click on the first box from left.

SP Page Builder - Add New Row

By the left side, you will notice that our row name (section name) is appearing as “Row”. Let’s change it to our preference by clicking on it. Once clicked, the color of the icon beside it will change from gray to blue. This means that the row has been selected.

SP Page Builder - Row Icon

By the right hand side of the row, you will see a “gear” icon. Click on it.

SP Page Builder - Gear Icon

This will open up a modal for you.

Under “Title Options”, enter your Section Title and change Title HTML Element from “h3” to “h2”.

SP Page Builder - Title Options

After that, under “Subtitle Options”, enter the Section Subtitle. The Section Subtitle allows you write a description about the section. It is displayed directly under the Section Title.

SP Page Builder -  Subtitle Options

You can go ahead and try other customization options.

The Style tab allows you customize the styles of the section via CSS. The Responsive tab allows you customize the responsiveness of the section for different devices. While the Animation tab allows you add animation to the section.

After you have customized the Row Options to your taste, click on “Apply” to save.

SP Page Builder - Row Options Apply Button

Next, we are adding an addon.

To add an addon in SP Page Builder, click on the box-plus icon that is inside the row you added.

SP Page Builder - New Addon

On the Addon List modal, click on Accordion.

SP Page Builder - Addon List

On the Addon: Accordion modal, select your desired Accordion Style.

In this JovialGuide, we are selecting “Modern”.

For “Open Item”, select whether to open or close the Accordion. In this JovialGuide, we are choosing “Open First (Default)”.

SP Page Builder - Accordion Style

For Accordion Item, the Accordion Title serves as the title of the question. Click on the “trash” icon by the right hand side to delete the default Accordion item.

After that, click on the “Add Item” button by the right hand side to add an accordion item.

Enter the title of the question. Then, for Title Icon, it allows you display an icon beside the title of your question. Click on the drop-down to select the icon of your choice. You can leave empty if you would like.

For “Content”, this is where you will write the answer to the question. Start by clicking on the “Add Addon” button to add an addon. After that, select the “Text Block” addon.

SP Page Builder - Select Addon

Go ahead and type in the answer to the question in the “Content” field. After that, select other options that you would like and click “Apply”.

You just added your first Frequently Asked Question and answer. To add more, click on the “Add Item” button and follow the steps above.

Note – Be sure to set the content font-size and line hight to a decent size to avoid having too big and/or too spacey sentences.

SP Page Builder - Accordion Items

Let’s add animation to our accordion. To add animation in SP Page Builder, click on the “Style” tab.

SP Page Builder - Style Tab

On the Style tab, scroll down to where you see “Enable Animation”. Check the box to “Yes” and select the animation.

You can go ahead and customize other options on the Style tab, like box shadow, padding, margin, etc.

SP Page Builder - Style Tab Animation

Once you have customized it to your preference, click on the Apply button.

After clicking on Apply, you will be taken back to the main SP Page Builder Add New Page page.

To save your new FAQs page, click on the save button at the top of your screen.

SP Page Builder - Save Page

After saving your new page, click on the “Close” button at the top right corner of the screen, and you will be taken to the Pages screen of SP Page Builder.

Let’s go ahead and add a menu item so that the new page will display on the frontend.

To add a menu item in Joomla, goto Menus » Main Menu » Add New Menu Item.

Joomla Add New Main Menu Item

On the New Item page, enter the title for the new item.

Joomla Add New Main Menu Title

After that, beside Menu Item Type, click on the “Select” button to select a Menu Item Type.

Joomla Select Menu Item Type

On the Menu Item Type modal, click on SP Page Builder » Page.

SP Page Builder - Page Item Type

Since we had already created our FAQs page, we will not click on Create, rather Select. So, beside “Select Page”, click on Select to select a page.

Joomla Select Page

On the “Select a Page” page, go ahead and select the (FAQS) page you created earlier using SP Page Builder.

Select a Page

After that, save by clicking on the “Save” button.

Joomla Save Menu Item

Now visit your Joomla website, goto menu, you will see the menu item you just created. Click on it, then you will see your FAQs page created in Joomla using SP Page Builder.

Joomla FAQs Example

You just created an FAQs page in Joomla using SP Page Builder.

If you would like to create an FAQs section rather than a page, then goto SP Page Builder » Pages. Once it opens, click on the page of your choice, add a new row, then follow the rest of the steps above.

We hope this JovialGuide helps you create an FAQs page in Joomla.

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