How to Create a Tag in Joomla (Step by Step With Pictures)

Want to create tags for your Joomla website? Tags are a special way to sort articles! This JovialGuide will show you how to create tags in Joomla.

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Why Create Tags in Joomla?

Tags are helpful to your Joomla website, especially in SEO. It helps group your Joomla content, which makes it easier to sort/arrange/group your Joomla articles. This is also helpful when your Joomla website users are searching for a specific article, they could easily use the tags you created to easily find the article they are looking for.

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Creating Tags in Joomla

Creating tags in Joomla is not difficult. This JovialGuide is written with steps and pictures to enable you easily understand how tags could be created in Joomla.

Step 1

Login to the control panel of your Joomla website. The login page of your Joomla website could be accessed by adding /administrator to the end of the homepage URL. For example; if your Joomla website URL is, adding /administrator to the end of becomes When the go or enter button is clicked, it displays the login page for the administrators of your Joomla website. You can now enter your admin username and password.

Joomla administrative login page

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Step 2

On the control panel of your Joomla website, click on components » tags.

Joomla components

Step 3

On the tags page, click on new.

Click on new to create Joomla tag

Step 4

Enter the details for the tag you are creating.

Enter the details for your new Joomla tag

Step 5

Click the save button
(when you are done) to save your new tag.

Save your new Joomla tag

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Editing Already Created Tag

Tick the check box beside the tag name you want to modify and click edit at the top of the tags page.

Quick Steps: Creating Tags in Joomla

To create more tags, repeat the steps above to create as many tags as you’d like!

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Conclusion – How to Create Tags in Joomla

With the help of tags, your articles would become easier for your website users to find (when they search for them according to their tags). Its effect on SEO is that it encourages faster indexing of articles.

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