How to Create a Contact Us Page in Joomla

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Want to create a contact us page in Joomla?

For sure, when building a Joomla website, you will need a contact page that displays information about your business, your staff, you, and even show a contact form to let your users or customers reach out to you.

Joomla, being a very powerful CMS with built-in functionality that lets you easily create a contact us page without stress.

In this JovialGuide, we will show you how to create a contact us page in Joomla – with pictures.

How to Create a Contact Us Page in Joomla

We assume you have already gotten a Joomla hosting and have already started building a Joomla website. If you have not gotten a hosting, we recommend A2 Hosting. After that, see our ultimate guide on how to build a Joomla website to get started.

To create a contact us page in Joomla, go to Components » Contacts » Contacts.

Joomla Components - Contact

When you are there, you will notice that there will be no matching results on the Contacts page.

To add one, on the Contact page click on the New button at the top left, and you will see a page like the one below.

Joomla Contact - Add New

Now go ahead and add the contact title, alias, and enter other contact details. Be sure your contact Email address is valid, because contact Emails will be sent to you through it.

Next, set the Status to “Published” – to publish the contact, Category to “Uncategorized”, Featured to “No”, Access to “Public” and Language to “All” or the language of your choice.

After you have confirmed everything, it’s time to save it.

There are basically three ways to save in Joomla. Namely: Save – lets you save the content and still allow you edit the it on the same screen, Save & New – saves the current content, and opens a new window with blank fields for you to create a new content, and Save & Close – saves the current content and takes you back to the content page.

After you have confirmed everything, click on the Save & Close button to save.

If you need to add more contacts, repeat the processes above.

Assign the Contact Us Page to a Menu Item

If you visit your Joomla website to see the contact us page, you will notice that it is not showing. Why? Because when you publish a page (article), you will have to link it to a menu item for it to show on the frontend.

To assign the Contact Us page to a Menu Item, click on Menus » Main Menu (the one with a house icon) » Add New Menu Item.

Joomla Menus - Add New Menu Item

After that, enter the Menu Item Title and Alias. We are using “Contact Us” as the Title and “contact-us” as the Alias.

Joomla Menu Item

Note – If you have to create a contact page that links to a particular user in your Joomla website, click on the blue box with a human icon beside “Linked User”, and select the user you want the page to be for. This is very effective in managing users in Joomla.

Beside the Menu Item Type, click on the Select button with blue background. Next click on Contacts » Single Contact.

Joomla Menu Item - Select Menu Item Type: Single Contact

It’s time to select the Contact we created earlier. Beside Select Contact, since we had already created the Contact, we will not click on Create but the Select button to select the Contact we already created.

When it opens, select the Contact you created earlier.

Joomla Menu Item - Select Contact

Once you are done, click on the Save & Close button to save.

Now view your Joomla website to see the Contact Us page showing on the navigation menu (depending on your Joomla template) of your Joomla website. Navigate to the Contact Us page to see what you have created so far.

You just created a contact us page in Joomla!

If you created more than one Contact, be sure to assign each of them to a menu item so that they will be visible on the frontend of your website.

We hope this JovialGuide helps you learn how to create a contact us page in Joomla.

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