How to Add/Display a Module in Joomla Article (Step by Step With Pictures)

If you have ever wanted to add more advanced features to your Joomla articles, for example; a login/create account form module, main menu module, breadcrumb module, etc, to your Joomla article without having to write any piece of code, this post is actually for you!

Login form, main menu, breadcrumb, etc, are modules you have to publish and assign positions to them.

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Something interesting about adding modules into your articles in Joomla is that; it makes use of short codes! So, you don’t have to worry about having to copy the generated code to anywhere in your article.

This JovialGuide will show you how to easily add a Module into an article in Joomla.

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Adding a Module to your Article in Joomla

For better understanding, this JovialGuide is written with steps and pictures, which would help you understand this Joomla tutorial smoothly.

Step 1- Logging into Your Joomla Control Panel

Login to the control panel of your Joomla website. The login page of your Joomla website could be accessed by adding /administrator to the end of the homepage URL. For example; if your Joomla website URL is, adding /administrator to the end of becomes When the go or enter button is pressed, it displays the administrative login page of your Joomla website. You can now enter your admin username and password.

Joomla administrative login page

Step 2 – Selecting the Desired Article

On the control panel of your Joomla website, click on articles (under contents). This is located by the left side of your control panel screen.

Joomla articles

On the articles page, select the article you’d like to add a module into.

Joomla articles page

When it opens, place the cursor anyway in your article, (where you’d like to add a module to), and click on modules .

Click on Modules in Joomla article

Step 3 – Selecting/Searching for the Module to Add to Your Article

Click on the module you’d like to add into your article.

Select module to add to article in Joomla

Use the search box above the available modules to find the module you want.

The generated short code looks like this; {loadmoduleid ID}. Where ID is the identity number of the module you are inserting into your article.

If you’d like to change the position of the module in your article, just copy the short code and paste anyway in your article.

Step 4 – Saving Your Article With Module

If you have finished, you can save your article.

Save Joomla module in article

If you followed this Joomla tutorial step by step, you have successfully added a module into your article in Joomla. Visit the article URL you added a module into to see the change.

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Can I Add More than One Module to my Article in Joomla?

Yes, you can! If you’d like to add more than one module into your article, repeat the steps in this tutorial all over again.

What if I Decide to Change the Position of a Module in my Article?

If you’d like to change where you added the module into your article (to someone where), copy the short code generated for that particular module (looks like this: {loadmoduleid ID}, ID is the identity number of the module), to anyway you like, and save your article.

How do I Delete an Already Added Module from my Article?

If you’d like to delete an already added module in your article, open the article you added a module to, locate the line in which the short code was placed. Find and delete the short code, it looks like this {loadmoduleid ID}. If you have carefully done this, save and view your article.

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Quick Steps: To Add a Module into Joomla Article

Let’s take a look at the quick steps to add a module into an article in Joomla

  • Step 1- Login to the control panel of your Joomla website.
  • Step 2 – Click on articles. On the articles page, open the article you’d like to add a module into.
  • Step 3 – On the article edit screen, click on module, search and select the module you’d like to add to your article.
  • Step 4 – Save and view your article when you are done.

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Conclusion on – How to Add a Module into your Article in Joomla

Adding a Module into your article in Joomla helps you quickly add more advanced features you have in your Joomla website, without having to write any code which would take the whole day.

It makes use of short codes, making it easier for you to copy and paste the short code to anyway in your Joomla article.

You may have noticed that this Joomla tutorial is very simple. It’s actually easy and doesn’t require any technical knowledge to try it.

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