How Much Does a Joomla Website Cost in 2020?

How much does a Joomla website cost is an ultimate question that is asked by people who want to build a Joomla website.

Knowing how much a Joomla website costs would give you an idea of what your budget will look like, and also help you from overspending.

In this JovialGuide, we will show you what you need to build a Joomla website, and also answer your “how much does a Joomla website cost in 2020?” question with a very detailed breakdown of it.

For the sake of the lengthiness of this JovialGuide, we have broken the answer to the question: how much does a Joomla website cost in 2020?, into different detailed sections.

Here are the key sections in this JovialGuide:

How Much Does a Joomla Website Cost in 2020?

What to Consider Before Building a Joomla Website

There are a few things to look at before building a Joomla website. When these things are looked at, they save time, make building Joomla a lot easier, cause less stress, and also save you from overspending.

Below are what to look at before building a Joomla website:

  • Your budget
  • Features for the website

Your Budget

For sure, before purchasing something, you’ll have to look at your budget!

Before building a Joomla website, you’ll have to consider your budget; how much do you have to build a Joomla website? This is because your budget greatly determines the professionalism of the website, and the resources that will be used.

In addition, knowing your budget before building a Joomla website will help you avoid overspending.

The Features for the Website

After considering your budget, the next thing is to note down the features that you want the website to have. This makes the building processes faster and less energy-consuming.

While noting down the features for the website, make sure it is in-line with your budget.

If you’re on a low budget, you may have to minimize some features, and avoid high or professional features so that you won’t overspend or run out of money.

Is Joomla Free?

First of all, we’ll start by defining Joomla.

Joomla is an Open Source software, meaning that everyone is free (without cost) to download, install, use and even study its source code. On the other hand, it is a CMS, which means that it is a software that make the creation, modification, deletion and publication of contents easy.

Comprehensively, Joomla is an award winning Open Source Content Management System for creating simple & complex, small & big professional websites.

Joomla logo

See our Joomla review to learn more about it.

Is Joomla free? Yes, Joomla is free, like completely free to use. Nevertheless, to build a Joomla website on a live webserver (on the internet for everyone to access), then Joomla in this case is not free!

If the cost of building a Joomla website is not completely FREE, then there must be something behind it!

What Do You Need to Build a Joomla Website?

The reason Joomla is not completely free is because there are a few things you need to build a Joomla website. These things are not part of the core Joomla software, but a must-have that needs to be purchased, in order to build a live Joomla website, and they’re also the reason Joomla is not completely free.

Below are the things you need to build a Joomla website:

Joomla Hosting

To build a self-hosted Joomla website, you’ll need a Joomla hosting.

Joomla hosting lets you host or house your Joomla website. We recommend A2 Hosting (see review) or SiteGround (see review) because they are fast and secure.

How Much Does a Joomla Hosting Cost?

The cost of a Joomla hosting plan is entirely dependent on the (i) – Joomla hosting company you choose, (ii) – the size of your website, and lastly, (iii) – the type of plan that you choose. Nevertheless, in this case, we’re assuming you do not already have a Joomla website running. Then the cost will be based on (i) – the Joomla hosting company, and (ii) – the type of plan you choose.

The type of Joomla hosting plan you choose determines how much you’ll pay. You’ll find shared and managed Joomla hosting type, because they’re configured specially for Joomla hosting.

Shared Joomla hosting plans usually costs from $3.99 – $5/month, or $47.88 – $60/year, and even upto $70 yearly (based on the size of shared plan you choose) – for small websites, like portfolios, while managed Joomla hosting usually starts from $15 – $30/month and even higher, or $180 – $360/year, and even higher (also based on the size of plan you pick) – for medium to large and powerful websites, like eCommerce websites.

Best Joomla Hosting

Some Joomla hosting companies offer cheap and reliable hosting services. A2 Hosting is one of the best Joomla hosting providers with cheap and reliable hosting services you can host with.

You’d want to see our shared vs managed Joomla hosting comparison for more.

Important: if you’re building a Joomla website that will stay for long, then you’ll have to renew your hosting subscription yearly, for the period of time the website will be available.

Domain name

Domain name is the unique name your website users will use in finding your Joomla website. For example; is the unique name of this website!

Your domain name is unique, in the sense that; you are the only one using it, and that is what your users will use in locating your website.

How Much Does a Domain Name Cost?

The cost of a domain name is not certain, because it is entirely dependent on the domain extension (Top Level Domain – TLD) that you choose.

There are different domain extensions that you can choose from, such as: .com, .net, .org, and country-specific domain extensions, such as: .ng, .us, .fr, etc. Their cost is based on the domain name registration company that you choose.

Nevertheless, a typical domain name could cost from $10 – $30/year. This means that; as long as you’ll keep using that domain name, you’ll have to renew it yearly. So, if you’re renewing your domain name yearly, you’ll pay an estimate of $10 – $30 yearly, depending on the Top Level Domain and the registrar you choose.

We recommend you register your domain name with NameCheap. They offer cheap domain registration for as low as $8, or less.

NameCheap Domain Pricing

Note: if you still want to use your domain name, never let it expire, or you’ll have to pay a significant amount of money to get it back.

SSL Certificate (Mandatory)

SSL certificate uses HTTPS for a secure connection. It basically lets you transfer data over a secure connection.

If you’re building a Joomla website, especially the type that has to do with user personal details like: credit card, passwords, etc., then you need an SSL certificate the most to secure your users’ personal details.

How Much Does an SSL Certificate Cost?

The price of an SSL certificate varies in plan. An SSL certificate could start from $9 – $30 per year.

NameCheap SSL Pricing

Note: do have in mind that a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate is not optional but mandatory.

Some hosting companies do issue free SSL certificates. This free SSL certificates are usually available for their shared hosting plans alone. Nevertheless, if you’re not on a shared server, you’ll have to pay for an SSL certificate.


To design your Joomla website, you’ll need a Joomla template. So, a Joomla template lets you design and beautify your Joomla website. Since Joomla templates lets you design and beautify your Joomla website, it is recommended that you invest more time and/or money in finding/getting a quality Joomla template for your website.

Joomla templates are available in both free and paid versions. Nevertheless, premium Joomla templates tend to be of a higher quality, and come with a more professional design than free Joomla templates.

There are lots of Joomla template providers. JoomShaper and JoomDev are a few of them.

To choose the best Joomla template for your Joomla website, please see the key things to consider.

How Much Does a Joomla Template Cost?

Joomla templates costs around $30 – $80/template, depending on the Joomla template provider that you’re buying from, while free Joomla templates are completely free, at $0.

JoomDev, have their Joomla templates at $30 per template, while a template market place like TemplateMonster, have theirs at $75 per template. Both have beautiful, responsive and professional Joomla templates for your website. Above all, they all have Joomla templates for eCommerce websites, school website, and even for multipurpose use.

Moreover, some Joomla template providers offer a membership plan, where you’ll have to pay a certain amount of money to become their member, and have access to download all of their templates for free. Basically, this is because the membership fee you pay, covers you for a particular time, and gives you access to download all of their premium templates (both the already released and the upcoming) for free, after you signup for their membership plan.

TemplateMonster, a large market place to find Joomla templates, WordPress themes, etc., comes with ONE, a membership plan, which gives you access to download their premium templates for free. Same as JoomDev, their club membership plan lets you download their premium templates for free.

ONE by TemplateMonster

In conclusion, there’re free Joomla templates that you can use for your website ($0). Moreover, if you’re purchasing a Joomla template separately, you’ll have to pay anything from $30 – $80 per template, (depending on the template provider). If you’re to purchase upto 10 different templates, then that’s a lot of money (from $300 – $800). However, you can save lots of money by subscribing to a membership plan with a Joomla template provider to have access to their premium templates for free.

Note: if you’re subscribing to a membership plan, you’ll have to renew your membership plan once it expires, in order to still have access to download their premium templates for free. Membership plan usually lasts for a specific period of time.


Joomla extensions lets you add more functionalities to your Joomla website. There’re available in both free and premium versions.

One of the most excellent things about Joomla is that; there’re Joomla extensions for almost anything you’d want to do, or type of website you’d want to create.

How Much Does a Joomla Extension Cost?

A Joomla extension costs $0 for free version, and from $30 – $250 per premium extension. This is quite cheap at some points, and expensive at some points.

The cost of Joomla extensions are usually based on their functionalities, that is; the more functionalities it comes with, the higher the price!

For example; HikaShop, the best eCommerce extension for Joomla, has its HikaShop Essential version at €49.95, with limited features, however, its best version HikaShop Business, is available at €99.90, and comes with advanced and professional functionalities for your eCommerce website.

The cost of a Joomla extension starts from $30 – $250/extension. Moreover, you can also get the free version, which is at $0 (if it has a free version).

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Blog in Joomla?

For your blogging website, you’ll need a Joomla hosting, domain name and an SSL certificate.

To create a blog in Joomla, we recommend A2 Hosting for your hosting. You can also register your domain name, and subscribe to SSL certificate with them. It’s much cheaper with them.

Next, you’ll have to pick the best Joomla blogging template that matches the niche or type of blog you’re creating.

After that, install and configure the Joomla blogging extension of your choice.

Next, you’ll have to choose SEO extensions, tools & services, marketing tools and services to grow your blog.

Total cost of building a blog with Joomla: Depends on the premium services you choose. In total, it could cost from $200 – $500 per year.

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Business Website in Joomla?

The cost of building a business website with Joomla depends on what your business wants, and of course the tools you’ll use to grow your business online.

While you’ll need a Joomla hosting package, we recommend A2 Hosting for your business website, as they offer cheap plans with quality customer services. Their plans will help you save money, because they’re cheap.

Once you’ve chosen a Joomla hosting and installed Joomla to it, next, you’ll need a Joomla template to beautify your business website.

In this case, look for the best Joomla business template, or a multipurpose Joomla template that completely fits your business website. A premium Joomla template is recommended, as it is professional, beautiful, responsive and comes with lots of features and support. On the other hand, you can still choose a free Joomla template if you want to save some money.

To choose the best Joomla template, please see the things to consider.

After you have chosen and installed a business template, you’ll need Joomla extensions to add more functionalities to your business website. Have in mind that there are free and premium Joomla extensions. Nevertheless, if you have to use the premium version, we recommend you try the free version first to be sure it worths it!

Total cost of building a business website in Joomla: The total cost of building a business website in Joomla depends on the premium Joomla template and extensions you choose. Nevertheless, it could cost you upto $150 – $300 per year, as it actually depends on the premium tools and template you use.

How Much Does it Cost to Create an eCommerce Website in Joomla?

eCommerce Image

eCommerce websites are very powerful, and requires a very large amount of resources. Above all, it could cost a significant amount of money compare to creating a blog or business website with Joomla.

To create an eCommerce website using Joomla, you’ll need a Joomla hosting, domain and an SSL certificate.

For Joomla hosting, we recommend the SiteGround StartUp plan for a start. Next, choose and register a domain name for your eCommerce website, then subscribe to an SSL certificate in order to transfer data over a secure connection (passwords, credit card details, etc).

After you have gotten a Joomla hosting, registered a domain name and SSL certificate, the next step is to choose a Joomla eCommerce extension to power your store. HikaShop is a popular, and one of the best Joomla eCommerce extensions for your store.

Now, choose and install a perfect eCommerce Joomla template for store.

After that, choose the security service, marketing tools or service, and CDN service that meets your store needs, and budget.

Total cost of creating an eCommerce website in Joomla: Again, it depends on the premium tools and services that you choose. The total cost could start from $800 – $3000 per year.

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Custom Website in Joomla?

If you’re looking at building a Joomla website with custom design and/or functionalities, then it’ll cost you more money (compare to others).

Before building a custom website with Joomla, first of all, you’ll need to write down the features/functionalities that you want the custom website to have. By doing this, you’ll help speed-up the development processes, and get your custom Joomla website ready easily with less, or no stress at all.

After you have listed out the features you need, as usual, you’ll need a Joomla hosting, domain name and an SSL certificate.

A2 Hosting and SiteGround are available to host with, because they’re excellent solutions to power your Joomla website efficiently!

If you have the skill, and you are confident of it, and you want to design the custom design and/or functionalities by yourself, then you’re sure of saving a significant amount of money.

However, if there’s need to hire a developer, then this is the part that you’ll have to pay a large amount of money.

Most developers or experts charge from $20 – $50 per hour, while some (most skilled) charge $60 and higher per hour. While hiring an expert, be sure to go for the rate that is within your budget.

After that, you will need SEO extensions & tools, marketing tools and/or services to grow your website.

Total cost of building a custom website with Joomla: It still depends on the premium services you’ll use, and if you’ll have to hire an expert to run the task for you. The cost of a custom Joomla template alone could start from $1000 – $5000 per template. However, for a custom Joomla website with custom features and design, then the total cost could start from $8000 – $15000 and even higher.

Do keep in mind that you can always improve, or add more features to your Joomla website as it grows, that is; you don’t have to worry about adding all of the features to your Joomla website now, especially if you’re on a low budget.

We hope this JovialGuide answers your question: “how much does a Joomla website cost in 2020?”.

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