5 Best Joomla User Management Extensions (2021)

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Are you looking for the best Joomla user management extension? Joomla by default, comes with a well structured user group.

As you build a Joomla website or while your existing Joomla website grows, you will want to add advanced user management to your Joomla site. For you to achieve this, you will need a Joomla user management extension.

However, to moderate your Joomla users with more functionalities like image/avatar, custom field management and assignment of users to multiple user groups, then Joomla user management extension has to come it!

Joomla user management extensions basically give you full control and functionalities to moderate or manage your Joomla users, most effectively, with more functionalities.

In this JovialGuide, we will show you the best Joomla user management extensions in 2021.

Before we show you the best Joomla user management extensions, if you want to create a user and/or user group, then here’s our JovialGuide on how to create Joomla user and how to create Joomla user group.

5 Best Joomla User Management Extensions in 2021

1. Joom Profile

Joom Profile - Best Joomla User Management Extension in 2021

Joom Profile unburdens your Joomla user profile management task. It extends Joomla profile with security, privacy, registration validation, etc.

If you are looking for a Joomla user management extension that lets you export user data in .csv format, then Joom Profile is a choice for you!

Joom Profile lessens your work-load by validating all data entered into any field.

Moreover, users can select their user group at the time of registration. Above all, users can belong to multiple user groups. And fields for each user group will be displayed on his/her profile.

Furthermore, Joom Profile comes with a miniature search system for all of the existing data. You can control the visibility of users in search result based on their user group. For example; registered users will not be able to search for super users.

In addition, user name, terms of service, user Email, datepicker, password, image or avatar, address, textarea, checkbox, etc., are some of the custom fields available in Joom Profile.

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2. Easy Profile

Easy Profile - Best Joomla User Management Extension in 2021

Easy Profile is a powerful Joomla user management extension that comes with custom fields, user list & search form, and other functionalities needed to manage your Joomla users.

It lets you search your Joomla users via the custom search form, set conditions for each field to hide/show other custom fields, decide whether the user can set privacy for each field, and many others.

You can choose a login type, that is; you can choose to login via username, Email, or both.

Moreover, the professional version of Easy Profile lets you integrate your website with the top social networking platforms. That is; Easy Profile (Pro) allows you login, or link account with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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3. Add User Frontend

Add User Frontend - Best Joomla User Management Extension in 2021

Add User Frontend comes with the possibility of letting you add users to Joomla from the frontend.

It is a good solution to your clients who do not know how to add users to Joomla from the backend.

By default (with this Joomla user management extension), only the super user has the permission to add users to Joomla from the frontend. However, if you set the right permission, it will also allow authors to add users.

Add User Frontend is very simple, and can be used by anyone. It lets you: add a registered user to Joomla from the frontend, use Email address as username, add user to custom user group, choose which user group, to which new users will be added to, etc.

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4. Login as User

Login as User - Best Joomla User Management Extension in 2021

Login as User let admin users login to the frontend as a specific user. It is a good solution to websites, where the admin needs to check for issues with a user’s personal details, if the user can see the orders correctly, etc.

This let the admin user access different information as an external user, in order to replicate issues and help the user.

With Login as User, you can assign multiple admins to specific user groups, and choose the admin who can use the Login as User functionality for a specific user group.

Moreover, you can also display either the username or name on the button. For example; you can choose to display “login as username” or “login as name” on the button (where username is the username of the user and name is the name of the user).

Above all, you can send a message to admin, informing him that a user just logged-in from the backend via Login as User extension.

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5. JUser BestBefore

JUser BestBefore - Best Joomla User Management Extension in 2021

JUser BestBefore automatically disables or removes frontend user accounts that have been registered for over a particular configured period of time.

For example; if you configure JUser BestBefore for a period of 6 months, then all frontend user accounts older than 6 months will be disabled or removed from the database, regardless of the fact that they are still active or not.

This Joomla user management extension is most needed on Joomla websites that render services to registered users over a particular subscription period.

You can basically configure whether to remove or disable frontend user accounts older than the period of time you choose.

When JUser BestBefore is set to either remove or disable frontend user accounts older than the configured period of time, it removes or disables both active and inactive frontend user accounts.

Lastly, JUser BestBefore lets you manage only registered frontend Joomla users. However, if you upgrade to the professional edition, you’ll have more useful Joomla user management options.

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We hope this JovialGuide helps you find the best Joomla user management extension in 2021.

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