7 Best Joomla Security Extensions to Secure Your Joomla Website in 2021

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Are you looking for the best Joomla security extension to secure your Joomla website from hackers?

Hackers usually target websites running the Joomla software, technically because it is popular, and there are a lot of administrators who don’t pay attention to their website security.

If you’re new to Joomla, you may find Joomla security overwhelming. However, with Joomla security extension, you can easily secure your Joomla website from hackers.

In this JovialGuide, we will show you 7 best Joomla security extensions in 2021 to secure your website.

7 Best Joomla Security Extensions in 2021 to Secure Your Website

1. RSFirewall Joomla

RSFirewall - Best Joomla Security Extension in 2021

RSFirewall is a powerful, and also an advanced Joomla security extension that is backed-up by a team of experts, who are trained to always be updated with the latest security updates, and vulnerabilities.

It comes with lots of features that let you secure your Joomla website from hackers and unauthorized accesses.

Technically, you can scan Joomla’s core files, scan files for common malware, scan files and folders for common permission errors, etc. Moreover, if you want certain countries to have access to your Joomla website, then you can block the unwanted countries, and select the countries that you want to have access to your Joomla website. By doing this, you can improve your Joomla security, especially if you notice regular attacks from specific countries.

By default, RSFirewall as a Joomla security extension, comes with active protection against: SQL Injection (SQLi), Local File Inclusion (LFI), Remote File Inclusion (RFI), automatic blacklist, HTML, CSS & JavaScript filter against XSS, Denial of Service (DoS), etc.

In addition, you can disable the creation of new administrators, display CAPTCHA in the administration section after a predefined number of failed login attempts, automatically drop dangerous files when they are uploaded, stop bruteforce login attempts, and many more.

For the fact that RSFirewall is backed-up by trained security team who are up-to-date with the latest security flaws, makes it one of the best Joomla security extensions in 2021.

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2. SecurityCheck Pro Joomla

SecurityCheck Pro - Best Joomla Security Extension in 2021

SecurityCheck Pro is a fully functional Joomla security extension that comes with a modular interface to manage the entire extension quickly and easily. It is designed to secure your Joomla website from hackers without affecting the server performance.

This global Joomla security extension comes with File Manager, where you can check file & folder permissions, view misconfigured options, and easily repair or reconfigure poor file and/or folder permissions by clicking on the “repair” button.

The web firewall of SecurityCheck Pro, comes with protection against: Cross-Site Scripting attacks, CSRF, SQL Injection, Local and Remote File Inclusions (LFI & RFI), session hijack protection, as well as bruteforce and dictionary attacks. It also comes with security features, such as: user session protection, Email notification, export logs to CSV format, IPv6 support, redirection to a default page or drop connection if an attack is detected, dynamic blacklist, blacklist & whitelist with IP range support, etc.

Moreover, SecurityCheck Pro comes also with the most advanced malware scanner on the market, which looks for suspicious patterns, known malware filenames and files with multiple extensions, only in just two (2) clicks!

Is your Joomla website flooded with bot traffic? If yes, don’t worry, SecurityCheck Pro is available to help you get rid of it. SecurityCheck Pro also allows you block malicious user-agents & improve overall site security, hide backend URL, add a secret key to your admin page to prevent directory and bruteforce attacks.

There are many other great security features SecurityCheck Pro comes with, which also contributes to making it one of the best Joomla security extensions to secure your Joomla website.

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3. Admin Tools Professional Joomla

Admin Tools Professional - Best Joomla Security Extension in 2021

Admin Tools Professional is a great Joomla security extension from Akeeba, the same team behind Akeeba Backup – an all-in-one Joomla backup extension.

It is an enhanced version of Admin Tools, but based on subscription basis.

This Joomla security extension can deny users access to your Joomla website based on country/continents, send an Email when an administrator logs in, block extension installation, and block super administrator user modification.

Plus, bad word filtering, IP blacklisting, scheduled site maintenance operations, integration with the Bad Behavior anti-spam library, automatic IP block on repeated intruders, Email notification on all detected security issues, IP whitelisting for the administrator section, and many more.

Its Web Application Firewall (WAF) is to block common exploits, such as: XSS, malicious user-agent, SQL Injection, Remote File Inclusion (RFI), CSRF/spam-bot protection, and many others. It is truly a great Joomla security extension to improve your Joomla security!

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4. Watchful Client

Watchful Client - Best Joomla Security Extension in 2021

Watchful Client is a free Joomla security extension, and a webmaster’s toolbox that saves you time managing your Joomla website. It does this by automating tasks, such as creating website backups, and bulk-updating the extensions that you trust.

With Watchful Client, you can: make unlimited extra backups as needed, schedule automatic backups, scan pages for problems using the SEO and audit tool, prepare white-label maintenance reports for your clients, manage your Joomla website for free, customize the dashboard to get an overview of your entire agency, etc.

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5. Antispam by CleanTalk

Antispam by CleanTalk - Best Joomla Security Extension in 2021

Antispam by CleanTalk is a spam protection, all-in-one, and premium Joomla security extension that allows you block disposable & temporary Emails, stop spam subscriptions, stop spam comments, stop spam registration, check and remove existing spam comments, users, etc.

Since Antispam by CleanTalk is a complete Joomla security extension, there’s no need to install separate antispam extension for each form.

You can do a whole lot with this Joomla security extension, like: you can block comments by stop words, block users by country, stop spambots contact Email on Joomla feedback, RS Form, and many more.

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6. jomDefender

jomDefender - Best Joomla Security Extension in 2021

jomDefender as a Joomla security extension, instantly protects your Joomla website from most attacks, and helps you avoid costly downtimes and embarrassing hacking attacks.

In order to prevent your Joomla website from casual hackers, jomDefender keeps your Joomla applications hidden and protected from them.

It protects your Joomla website with security features, such as: frontend & backend IP ban/blocking, additional admin login prompt, file integrity checks, login/logout CSRF prevention, caching meahcanism, etc.

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7. Eyesite Joomla

Eyesite - Best Joomla Security Extension in 2021

Eyesite keeps an eye on your Joomla website, and alerts you by Email if any file is added, modified or deleted. It is a perfect Joomla security extension to monitor your Joomla website, while you focus on building your Joomla website.

The idea behind Eyesite is that; it scans your directory structure and stores the details of all files in a database table. It stores details, such as: file size, date, and time. In addition, each time it runs another scan, it compares the current details with the ones stored in the database. However, if there’s any difference between them, then Eyesite notifies you by Email.

Eyesite is very loaded, that it comes with pages to help you manage your Joomla website scans efficiently. For example; the history page comes with the full details of changes detected by every scan, while the main status page shows you which files were added, modified or deleted based on the previous scan.

In addition, Eyesite lets you scan your Joomla website manually right from the admin interface, or you can automatically have the extension scan it for you based on regular intervals.

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We hope this JovialGuide helps you find the best Joomla security extension to secure your Joomla website from hackers.

To learn more on how to improve your Joomla security, see the ultimate Joomla security guide for more.

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