5 Best Joomla Portfolio Extensions in 2020

Are you looking for the best Joomla portfolio extension? As a freelancer or an agency, portfolio lets you collect and display all of your works.

In this JovialGuide, we will show you the best Joomla portfolio extensions in 2020 (free and paid).

What is a Portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection of documents, pictures, etc., especially the works of a photographer, artist, etc. A portfolio is very necessary when it comes to business!

Read more about portfolio at Wikipedia.

Why Build a Portfolio Website?

There are several reasons you should build a portfolio for your business.

Your portfolio website lets you display or showcase your works!

Why you should build a portfolio, is to show your works to customers who are interested in your services. It gives them the assurance of getting an excellent job!

A good portfolio boosts confidence! If your portfolio is good, you will become confident, and may have up to 90 – 99% chance of getting the job/contract!

To be confident of your portfolio, your portfolio website has to be neat, responsive and attractive.

Who Should Build a Portfolio?

Building a portfolio website is absolutely for everyone, everyone who offer services should, and is expected to build a portfolio.

Below are the people that should build a portfolio:

  • A business (as a whole) should build a portfolio
  • An individual who is a freelancer should build a portfolio
  • Etc.

Let’s take a look at the best Joomla portfolio extensions in 2020, both free and paid.

1. Advanced Portfolio Pro

Advanced Portfolio Pro - Best Joomla Portfolio Extension in 2020

Advanced Portfolio Pro lets you create a neat, flexible and effective portfolio in Joomla. It is the professional version of Advanced Portfolio.

Both the free and pro version of Advanced Portfolio, supports a lot of functionalities. Nevertheless, the pro version (Advanced Portfolio Pro), comes with more functionalities than the free version (Advanced Portfolio).

With Advanced Portfolio Pro, you can create as many subfolders for images/files, and upload many images/files at one time. Furthermore, Advanced Portfolio Pro, supports YouTube and Vimeo video URLs to be used, if you don’t want to use images.

Furthermore, Advanced Portfolio Pro lets you display a project in a bigger thumbnail, by marking it as featured.

Moreover, with its image cache feature, your website will load fast.

You would want to see the best Joomla CDN providers, to improve the performance of your website.

Get started with Advanced Portfolio Pro

2. JUX Portfolio Pro

JUX Portfolio Pro - Best Joomla Portfolio Extension in 2020

JUX Portfolio Pro is the professional version of JUX Portfolio. It lets you display each item with a short description, and read more.

Both JUX Portfolio, and JUX Portfolio Pro (free and paid), are loaded with functionalities. However, JUX Portfolio Pro (paid version) is more loaded than JUX Portfolio (free version).

When it comes to responsiveness, JUX Portfolio Pro is designed to neatly display on any screensize; no matter the size, it will automatically adjust and display perfectly!

Interestingly, JUX Portfolio Pro supports lightbox, and uses it to display the full size of an image when you click on it. Furthermore, with JUX Portfolio Pro, you can also display videos in lightbox. Above all, it support videos from YouTube, as well as Vimeo.

Get started with JUX Portfolio Pro

3. TZ Portfolio

TZ Portfolio - Best Joomla Portfolio Extension in 2020

TZ Portfolio is an Open Source advanced Joomla portfolio extension. It is a perfect solution for portfolio website, because it comes with all you need to create a portfolio in Joomla.

When it comes to SEO friendliness, TZ Portfolio is fully compatible with Joomla SEF, and sh404SEF, one of the most popular Joomla SEO extensions. Furthermore, TZ Portfolio comes with a responsive design, that makes your contents look great on mobile and desktop.

TZ Portfolio also comes with a strong ACL manager, that lets you control user group access, or permission to (view, add, edit, delete) articles, custom fields, and other functionalities in TZ Portfolio.

Get started with TZ Portfolio

4. WS Portfolio

WS Portfolio - Best Joomla Portfolio Extension in 2020

WS Portfolio is a responsive Joomla portfolio extension, that display contents correctly on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. It comes with a variety of functionalities, like; portfolio column control, link tag, etc.

If you are looking for the best Joomla portfolio extension that would let you create multiple portfolios, WS Portfolio is an ideal choice! It lets you create as many portfolios as you want. For example; you can create a separate portfolio to showcase your pictures, and a separate portfolio to showcase the best websites you’ve create. You can basically create as many portfolios as you want!

Moreover, WS Portfolio supports content toggle. It gives you the option to either hide or display contents only when the element is clicked.

Get started with WS Portfolio

5. SP Simple Portfolio

SP Simple Portfolio - Best Joomla Portfolio Extension in 2020

SP Simple Portfolio is a free Joomla portfolio extension, created by JoomShaper, one of the best Joomla template providers, and the same team behind SP page builder, also one of the best drag and drop Joomla page builders.

It is designed to create media (image or video) portfolio features into your website.

SP Simple Portfolio allow artists or photographers create, manage and publish a modern and outstanding portfolio.

With SP Simple Portfolio, it is easy and fast to create and integrate stunning portfolios in Joomla. Above all, it is responsive, multilingual ready, based on tag system, etc.

Get started with SP Simple Portfolio

We have shown you the best Joomla portfolio extensions in 2020.

The Joomla portfolio extensions above, are both free and paid. Choose one that meet your requirements and you are ready to build a portfolio website in Joomla.

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