5 Best Joomla Poll Extensions (2021) to Create a Poll in Joomla

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Are you looking for the best Joomla poll extension in 2021 to use for your website? Then this JovialGuide is for you!

Joomla poll extension lets you add online polls to your Joomla website or blog.

If you want to engage your users, then adding a poll to your Joomla website is recommended in order to boost user engagement.

In this JovialGuide, we’ll show you the best Joomla poll extensions (2021), to use for your website.

What to Look for in a Joomla Poll Extension

There are plentiful numbers of Joomla poll extensions. They all let you add polls to your Joomla website.

Above all, there are a few things you should look for in a Joomla poll extension.

Below are a few things to look for in a Joomla poll extension:

  • It should be budget friendly (if you are going for premium)
  • It should be easy and quick to setup and use
  • Should be able to display poll results in graph

What Do You Need to Create a Poll in Joomla?

To create a poll in Joomla, you need an SSL certificate (HTTPS), domain name and a Joomla hosting account.

SSL certificate uses HTTPS for a secure connection. It basically lets you transfer data over a secure connection.

Domain name is the unique name your website users will use in finding your Joomla poll. For example; jovialguide.com is the unique name of this website!

Hosting lets you host or house your Joomla poll. We recommend A2 Hosting (see review) because it is fast, secure, reliable and affordable.

To learn more, you may want to see our detailed JovialGuide on:

Let’s take a look at some of the best Joomla poll extensions in 2021.

1. Skyline Advanced Poll Manager

Skyline Advanced Poll Manager - Best Joomla Poll Extension 2021

Skyline Advanced Poll Manager is a flexible, complete, and the best Joomla poll extension that lets you create and manage polls in Joomla. It comes with 8 gorgeous themes, poll description, 8 different graphs to display poll result, and many others. Advanced Poll comes with a whole lot of functionalities to let you manage your Joomla poll effectively!

Most interestingly, Skyline Advanced Poll Manager is compatible with Joomla ACL. Furthermore, it gives you the permission to choose which Joomla user group should be allowed to vote. That is; whether you want Registered users alone, or guests to vote, you can set it.

To avoid poll-spamming, Skyline Advanced Poll Manager supports Captcha v1.0 and 2.0. With Captcha v2.0, users can validate that they’re not robots in just a single click!

Moreover, Skyline Advanced Poll Manager comes with security layers, with which you can add to your poll in Joomla. Furthermore, to avoid multiple votes, if you use Cookies, you can set Cookies expiration time in hour, day, week, month and even in year.

Get started with Skyline Advanced Poll Manager

2. Sexy Polling

Sexy Polling - Best Joomla Poll Extension 2021

Sexy Polling is a simple, customizable, and easy to install and configure Joomla poll extension that lets you add stunning poll to your Joomla website. It allows you get feedbacks based upon what your audience think!

If you are looking to setup a time interval when users can vote again, Sexy Polling comes with countdown timer, which shows when next your users can vote. Furthermore, you can use HTML to better explain the answer. That is; you can insert YouTube videos, images, or any other HTML to detailedly explain the answer.

Moreover, you can add custom voting period that allows your users vote once an hour, a day, or any time interval of your choice.

Sexy Polling supports shortcodes. With shortcodes, you can insert your poll anywhere in your content.

Get started with Sexy Polling

3. Community Polls

Community Polls - Best Joomla Poll Extension 2021

To get feedbacks from your users, Community Polls lets you build a community-driven poll with your Joomla website. It basically lets you create and share rich polls in Joomla.

When it comes to responsiveness, Community Polls is completely responsive. It can fit any device screensize; from desktop, tablets, to mobile devices. Above responsiveness, you can record votes even without tracking user details.

Moreover, Community Polls is an Ajax-based Joomla poll extension, in the sense that; you can cast a vote without refreshing the page. Furthermore, you can moderate polls submitted by users, see daily voting chart, mark poll as featured, and many more.

Get started with Community Polls

4. JLex Helpful

JLex Helpful - Best Joomla Poll Extension 2021

JLex Helpful lets you create poll and small survey form to improve the quality of contents in your Joomla website.

Most interestingly, JLex Helpful is more than a poll creator, but a survey form creator. Moreover, you can add survey forms anywhere in modules or components (if you want to)!

If you are looking for a Joomla poll extension with Email notification, JLex Helpful is an ideal choice! It notifies you by mail when new feedback is added.

Moreover, for proper poll/survey management, all votes or opinions are aggregated, analyzed and displayed in the management section of JLex Helpful.

Furthermore, if you want to use result in excel, JLex Helpful lets you export data to excel in .xlsx format.

Get started with JLex Helpful

5. Reaction In Article

Reaction In Article - Best Joomla Poll Extension 2021

When it comes to feedback collection for content (article) improvement, Reaction In Article lets you add Facebook style of reaction poll at the bottom of your content. As much as it displays the Facebook style of reaction, you can use it to improve the quality of your contents.

With Reaction In Article, you have full control to style-match your Joomla website, as it has different theme colors for you.

If you want to improve your contents via feedbacks, Reaction In Article is an ideal choice for you, as it displays Facebook reaction at the bottom of your contents, to collect feedbacks for content quality improvement.

Get started with Reaction In Article

We hope this JovialGuide helps you find the best Joomla poll extension to use.

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