5 Best Joomla LMS Extensions (2021) to Create eLearning Website

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If you want to offer online courses using Joomla, you need a Joomla LMS extension to do that!

Creating online courses, or an eLearning website is a great way to reach a greater number of audiences than when you offer physical face-to-face courses.

In this JovialGuide, we’ll show you the 5 best Joomla LMS extensions in 2021, that you can use to create online courses or an eLearning website with Joomla.

What is LMS?

LMS is an abbreviation that stands for Learning Management System.

Learning Management System, or LMS, is a software that lets you create online courses, or an eLearning website.

It typically allows you offer lessons, or courses (free or paid) to students.

Joomla as a multipurpose CMS, lets you create online courses or an eLearning website, where you can offer online courses. It uses an LMS extension (which we’ll show you shortly) to achieve this!

Benefits of Creating Online Courses (eLearning Website)

If you want to create online courses with Joomla, there are a lot you’ll benefit from when you do so.

Below are the benefits of creating online courses/eLearning website.

Greater Audience Reach

When you create and offer online courses, you can reach more students or users, than when you offer physical face-to-face courses/lectures.

For the fact that the courses are created beforehand, students can easily reach your courses at anytime the need arises. This is basically because your courses are not tied, nor restricted to your available (work) hours.

Income Generation

Apart from publishing ads, online courses or eLearning website is a great way to generate income for your business!

If you decide to offer paid services for your online courses/eLearning website, you can easily make great income by selling your online courses.


If you are a lecturer or teacher, you’ll agree that it is completely stressful to repeatedly teach what you had already taught.

However, when you offer online courses, it saves you the stress of having to repeat what you had already taught to new set of students, since the courses are already prepared beforehand, and are waiting to be distributed.

What Do You Need to Create an eLearning site in Joomla?

To create an eLearning site in Joomla, you need an SSL certificate (HTTPS), domain name and a Joomla hosting account.

SSL certificate uses HTTPS for a secure connection. It basically lets you transfer data over a secure connection.

Domain name is the unique name your website users will use in finding your eLearning site. For example; jovialguide.com is the unique name of this website!

Hosting lets you host or house your eLearning site. We recommend A2 Hosting (see review) because it is fast, secure, reliable and affordable.

To learn more, you may want to see our detailed JovialGuide on:

Let’s take a look at the best Joomla LMS extensions in 2021.

1. Shika

Shika - Best Joomla LMS Extension in 2021

Shika is a Joomla LMS extension created by Techjoomla. It comes with power-packed features that let you create your dream eLearning website with Joomla. Shika focuses on making eLearning completely easy and intuitive!

It is structured to solve a variety of learning needs, with inputs from teachers, corporate clients and even eLearning content development companies.

If you are looking for a Joomla LMS extension that will let you create subscription system. Then Shika is an ideal solution for you! This is because it comes with course subscription system, eCommerce dashboard and report, course specific coupon, multiple payment methods, and other eCommerce features to let you sell your courses.

Most interestingly, Shika lets you offer certificates at the end of the lesson. Its certification comes with: certificate generation, certification criteria, unique certificate ID per certificate, show total time spent on course on the certificate, decide certificate orientation, etc. Shika is completely great for certification!

Furthermore, Shika uses an Ajax-based reporting system, that shows paid course report, single course report, category report, course report, students’ report card, and every other reporting information you’d want.

Shika is loaded with lots of features to create your dream eLearning website with Joomla.

Below are some of the features of Shika:

  • Social integrations (JoomSocial, EasySocial, etc.)
  • eCommerce
  • Certification

Get started with Shika

2. Guru

Guru - Best Joomla LMS Extension in 2021

Guru is a responsive Joomla LMS extension, that allows you create unlimited online courses with modules, from an easy interface.

It comes with 3 easy User Interfaces (UI): teachers’, students’ and the admin interfaces. The teachers’ interface – let teachers prepare courses; the students’ interface – let students view their courses, quizzes, test scores and certificates; while the admin interface – has full control over teachers, students, payments, promo codes, courses, etc.

When it comes to responsiveness and mobile readiness, the frontend of Guru is completely responsive and mobile ready, making it easy for your students to access your online courses or Joomla eLearning website with any mobile device.

Furthermore, Guru’s media library lets you add and create a comprehensive library of all types of media, from: videos, audios, documents to text files.

Moreover, you can create a subscription plan that is based on days, months, and even years.

If you are looking for a Joomla LMS extension that allows you give certificate to your students for completing a course or passing a test, and also allows you turn your knowledge into dollars, by selling your online courses. Then Guru is an ideal option for you!

With Guru, you can certify your students when they pass a test or even complete a course. Furthermore, you can also turn your knowledge into a great source of income by selling your online courses.

In addition, Guru comes with lots of great features to help you create and manage your online courses, or eLearning website with an unlimited number of courses.

Below are some of the features of Guru:

  • Certification
  • Media library
  • Responsive design and mobile readiness

Get started with Guru

3. OSCampus

OSCampus - Best Joomla LMS Extension in 2021

OSCampus is a robust Joomla LMS extension that allows you publish online classes. It basically lets you create a robust online training site with Joomla.

With OSCampus, you can create classes with multiple lessons and quizzes. Above this, your lessons can be of anything, like: text, videos, presentations and PDFs. Moreover, your lessons can be YouTube or Vimeo videos, simple text or complex code, to slideshare or Google presentations.

If you are looking for a Joomla LMS extension that lets you test and reward your students with certificate. Then OSCampus is an ideal choice! It lets your users take a test when they finish your classes, and earn a certificate when they pass.

One of the benefits of using OSCampus is that; it is completely integrated with Joomla, and you can manage your online classes through the native Joomla interface, and equally use Joomla core features.

There are alot of features that OSCampus comes with. Below are some of the features of OSCampus:

  • Built-in search system
  • Certificates for completed classes
  • Easy navigation between lessons

Get started with OSCampus


SP LMS - Best Joomla LMS Extension in 2021

SP LMS is a multipurpose Joomla LMS (Learning Management System), created by JoomShaper, one of the best Joomla template providers, and the same team behind SP Page Builder – one of the best drag and drop Joomla page builders.

It is suitable for various educational purposes, as it provides the simplest platform to manage the experience of students or trainees.

As a result of the needs of schools, universities and other educational institutions, SP LMS was developed to create an eLearning platform, most especially for small and medium sized organizations or educational institutions.

If you need a Joomla template for your SP eLearning website, then Varsita is a JoomShaper template, that is best for SP LMS.

With SP LMS, you can generate revenue by selling your online courses to your students or partners. To receive payment for the courses, SP LMS allow students use PayPal or other major credit cards, like: Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover, to send payments.

If you are looking for a Joomla LMS extension with user friendly interface, price discount option, multilingual support and access level that is based on Joomla ACL. Then SP LMS is available for you!

Above all, SP LMS is light and responsible. So, you will have a responsive eLearning website that displays properly on all devices or screen sizes.

Below are some of the features of SP LMS:

  • LMS dashboard with stats
  • Teacher profile management
  • Speaker profile management

Get started with SP LMS

5. LMS King Professional for Joomla

LMS King Professional for Joomla - Best Joomla LMS Extension in 2021

LMS King Professional is a premium Open Source Joomla LMS extension. It lets you setup online courses or eLearning website with Joomla without any expert knowledge.

Initially, LMS King Professional was only available in premium version. However, as a result of the frequent request for a free version, they decided to release a lite (free) version, which can be tested and used before purchasing the professional (paid) version.

The professional version of LMS King, allows you further the learning and expertise of yourself and team, while avoiding overcomplicated menus or software instructions.

With LMS King Professional, you don’t need to be a guru to setup and use it, because it comes with an easy-to-use wizard that will turn you into a Learning Management System (LMS) king.

LMS King Professional comes with an easy-to-use and manage online courses/eLearning portal. Furthermore, it comes with all of the functionalities for online test and exams, to presentation and quizzes.

Moreover, this powerful eLearning solution comes with Email submission to teachers after completing test/exams.

LMS King Professional also comes with a whole lot of functionalities that lets you manage your online courses/eLearning portal without any guru or expert knowledge.

Below are some of the features of LMS King Professional:

  • Contains more than 30 reports
  • Upto 4 test types (exams, presentations, surveys, quiz)
  • Over 10 question types (yes/no, essay, short answer, etc.)

Get started with LMS King Professional for Joomla

We hope this JovialGuide helps you find the best Joomla LMS extension (2021), to create online courses/eLearning website with Joomla.

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