7 Best Joomla eCommerce Extensions in 2021

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Are you looking forward to creating an eCommerce store in Joomla? If so, then you need a Joomla eCommerce extension to be able to get started!

Joomla eCommerce extension allows you easily create an eCommerce store without knowing how to code.

In this JovialGuide, we will show you the 7 best Joomla eCommerce extensions in 2021 to create an eCommerce store using Joomla.

What is a Joomla eCommerce Extension?

A Joomla eCommerce extension is a Joomla add-on for creating online stores in Joomla.

If you are looking to selling products in Joomla, whether downloadable or shippable goods, you need a Joomla eCommerce extension to be able to create a store.

What to Look for in a Joomla eCommerce Extension

There are dozens of Joomla eCommerce extensions. However, one would have to check out several of them to be able to choose the one to use. This is because some Joomla eCommerce extensions are designed for selling a particular type of product, while some are for selling other product types (digital and consumable products).

Above these, there are a few things you should look for in a Joomla eCommerce extension.

Detailedly below, we’ve listed out the things you should look for in a Joomla eCommerce extension.

Payment gateway – by default, the eCommerce Joomla extension you will use, has to support different and popular payment options, or through an extension.

Support – the Joomla eCommerce extension you choose should come with good support options, like: documentation, support from developer(s) and even own an official community (forum).

Customization – whatever Joomla eCommerce extension you use, has to give you enough control and customization options to customize your online store to your taste.

What Do You Need to Create a Store in Joomla?

To create a store in Joomla, you need an SSL certificate (HTTPS), domain name and a Joomla hosting account.

SSL certificate uses HTTPS for a secure connection. It basically lets you transfer data over a secure connection.

Domain name is the unique name your website users will use in finding your Joomla store. For example; jovialguide.com is the unique name of this website!

Hosting lets you host or house your Joomla store. We recommend A2 Hosting (see review) because it is fast, secure, reliable and affordable.

To learn more, you may want to see our detailed JovialGuide on:

Let’s take a look at the best Joomla eCommerce extensions in 2021.

1. HikaShop

HikaShop - Best Joomla eCommerce Extension in 2021

HikaShop is an easy-to-use Joomla eCommerce extension with powerful functionalities, built with flexibility in mind.

It is available in three different versions. These versions are also available in free and paid.

The three versions HikaShop supports, have made it possible to create a powerful store in Joomla. The HikaShop versions are: Starter version – available in free, Essential and Business – available in paid (premium).

HikaShop comes with a lot of advanced functionalities. Its flexibilities are the things that make it powerful.

So far, HikaShop is one of the best choice for developers, because it supports multivendor feature and many more. HikaShop lets you do a whole lot!

You may want to see the best Joomla HikaShop templates.

Features of HikaShop

  • General – it is available in more than 30 languages, supports administrator/user Email notification
  • Layout – comes with responsive design with flex, compatible with the Joomla translation override system
  • Catalog – supports related products, ability to handle downloadable and shippable goods
  • Cart & Checkout – ability to force SSL on checkout, support coupons and discounts

Price: HikaShop is a free and premium Joomla eCommerce extension. The Starter version is free, the Essential version is available at €49.95, while the Business version is €99.90.

Get started with HikaShop

2. VirtueMart

VirtueMart - Best Joomla eCommerce Extension in 2021

VirtueMart is a highly configurable and customizable, and also one of the best Joomla eCommerce extensions. It is a free Joomla eCommerce extension that comes with all-in-one functionalities to create a store in Joomla.

When it comes to existence and popularity, VirtueMart is the oldest and the most popular Joomla eCommerce extension in the market.

VirtueMart is loaded with powerful functionalities to setup a complete and powerful store in Joomla. Above these, VirtueMart alone could be used to create an eCommerce store in Joomla, without having to use other extensions to support the store. This is because VirtueMart comes with extensive functionalities.

Furthermore, VirtueMart is multilingual ready and supports different payment methods. So, you can create a multilingual store with different payment methods in Joomla.

Features of VirtueMart

  • Category – ability to create nested categories, create categories with meta tags for SEO
  • Real Multi Currency – ability to add your own currencies for fixed currency rates, auto update rates
  • Order – tracking for anonymous users
  • Checkout – guest/anonymous checkout

Price: VirtueMart is a free Joomla eCommerce extension.

Get started with VirtueMart

3. J2Store

J2Store - Best Joomla eCommerce Extension in 2021

J2Store is a powerful free and premium Joomla eCommerce extension. It supports different shipping methods, guest checkout, etc. You can generally do a lot with J2Store!

When you use J2Store, you are not limited to selling only digital goods but physical goods also.

J2Store is available in three versions; the Free, Professional and Developer version.

The free version of J2Store comes with powerful features as well as its pro versions. However, if you are to upgrade to its premium version, you can easily do that without loosing your data or configurations.

Above these, J2Store is a multilingual Joomla eCommerce extension. It support multiple currencies and payment methods. By this, your store users will be happy to buy any product with the currency of their choice and make payments with the payment gateway they are most comfortable with.

One of the benefits of using J2Store is that; it is simple and easy to setup!

Features of J2Store

  • Order Management – ability to export orders as CVS, detailed order management for store owners
  • Design/Layout – short codes to display images, prices, etc., display product images in article layouts
  • General – supports different payment methods, multilingual
  • Cart/Pricing – guest/anonymous checkout, ability to set special pricing based upon quantity and date range

Price: J2Shop is a free and premium Joomla eCommerce extension. The price of its Professional version is $49, while its Developer version is $99.

Get started with J2Store

4. EShop

EShop - Best Joomla eCommerce Extension in 2021

EShop is a powerful, responsive and user friendly Joomla eCommerce extension. It is easy to customize and comes with many great features to setup a powerful store in Joomla.

It is built on the standard MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern of Joomla.

The administrator dashboard of EShop gives you a detailed information about your shop. Above this, if you have hundred of thousands of products to sell, EShop support an unlimited number of products. So, you are not limited to selling thousands of products, but an unlimited number of them.

If you are looking for a user friendly and easy to customize Joomla eCommerce extension, EShop is the answer.

Features of EShop

  • Design – compatible with Joomla templates, full of custom layouts
  • SEO/Security – supports SSL/captcha, SEF URLs
  • Catalog – ability to call for product price, ability to display related products
  • Shopping Cart – supports PDF invoice with editable layouts, supports watermark for photos

Price: EShop is a premium Joomla eCommerce extension. It is available at $39.99.

Get started with EShop

5. DigiCom

DigiCom - Best Joomla eCommerce Extension in 2021

DigiCom is a lightweight and user friendly Joomla eCommerce extension developed by ThemeXpert, one of the best Joomla template development companies.

Basically, DigiCom makes the selling of any kind of digital product possible and completely easy, without worrying about subscription management, etc.

ThemeXpert, who is the creator of DigiCom, currently runs its store on DigiCom.

DigiCom takes the load off you, from having to create an eCommerce store in Joomla. It makes this possible by putting together all of the necessary eCommerce features.

It is particularly for selling digital products.

DigiCom is available in four different packages: the Free, Personal, Professional and the Ultimate package. The Ultimate version is a lifetime package with all Pro addons.

Features of DigiCom

  • Payment Integration – supports all payment gateways
  • Drag & Drop Manager – allows you to drag files from your computer and manage them in one place
  • Discount Management – allows you offer coupon codes
  • Email Management – lets you customize your automated Email with the language and design of your choice

Price: DigiCom is a free (free version available at GitHub) and premium Joomla eCommerce extension. Its Personal package is available at $49 – with support for six months, Professional at $149 – with support for a year, while the Ultimate package at $499 – with lifetime support.

Get started with DigiCom

6. redSHOP

redSHOP - Best Joomla eCommerce Extension in 2021

redSHOP is a content creation kit that gives you the access given to any user to completely style their shop without a good background in HTML and CSS.

It is an open source Joomla eCommerce solution that fits every requirements to create a shop in Joomla.

Features of redSHOP

  • Coupons – to create discount coupons for users
  • 100% built-in SEO/SEF control
  • Accessory products – to group products by primary, and make special prices
  • Dynamic fields – to create new fields for products, categories or manufacturers on the fly

Price: redSHOP is a free Joomla eCommerce extension.

Get started with redSHOP

7. JoomShopping

JoomShopping - Best Joomla eCommerce Extension in 2021

JoomShopping is an easy to install, responsive and free Joomla eCommerce extension with professional eCommerce features.

Even though JoomShopping is a free Joomla eCommerce extension, it is loaded with lots of powerful and advanced eCommerce functionalities. This is the reason JoomShopping stands out!

JoomShopping is a powerful Joomla eCommerce extension. It lets you add different attributes to product, manage tax, display images and/or videos as demo for each product, etc. Above these, JoomShopping is multilingual.

Features of JoomShopping

  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Ability to purchase without registration
  • Supports product ratings & testimonials
  • It is multilingual

Price: JoomShopping is a free Joomla eCommerce extension.

Get started with JoomShopping

We hope this JovialGuide helps you find the best Joomla eCommerce extension to create an eCommerce website using Joomla.

Do note that just one of these Joomla eCommerce extensions is enough to create an eCommerce store using Joomla. So, there is no need of combining them to create one store.

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    I was using this Joomla component on several sites, and I had to migrate to another e-commerce solution.

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      Hello Jojo,

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