7 Best Joomla CDN Providers in 2020 (Compared)

When your Joomla website is slow, you would want to use a Joomla CDN service to speed up your Joomla website. Joomla CDN services are after boosting the performance of your website!

Above this, there are more to Joomla CDN than improvement in performance.

Moreover, there’s always a problem in choosing the best Joomla CDN provider for your website. But in this JovialGuide, you will get to know the best Joomla CDN provider for your website.

In this JovialGuide, we will show you what a CDN is, benefits, and the 7 best Joomla CDN providers in 2020 (compared).

What is a CDN?

A Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network (CDN), is a geographically distributed network that deliver pages and other contents of your website to a user based upon the geographical location of the user. It basically keeps a cached copy of your website files on multiple servers, and displays it to your users, from the nearest center, based upon your user’s location.

CDN is mainly used for speeding a website up, because it deliver contents to a user based upon his location. This content delivery method is based upon the user’s geographical location, which helps to speed up your website by loading or delivering cached copy of your website files, not from the original location (website storage) but from a CDN server that is closest to the user’s location. This helps improve the website performance and speeds up the website/page load time.

It is worthy to note that using a Content Delivery Network still requires you to have a Joomla hosting plan because it is where your website will be hosted, and not on the Content Delivery Network.

Without a hosting account, you cannot host a website, and a cached copy of your website contents won’t be displayed from a Content Delivery Network.

For Joomla hosting, we recommend A2 Hosting and SiteGround. They offer affordable and reliable hosting services. See our detailed Joomla hosting guide for more about hosting.

Benefits of Using CDN (Content Delivery Network)

When it comes to using a Content Delivery Network, there are more to Content Delivery Network than optimization.

Below, we will show you the benefits of using CDN on your website.

Here are the benefits of using CDN:

  • Faster page load: There’s always a faster page load time when you use CDN, because your files are loaded from a different server entirely. So, if you are looking to speed up your Joomla website, you need a Content Delivery Network, CDN.
  • Increase in performance: CDN improves website performance because your website files will be loaded directly from a different server, instead of the server where your website is hosted on. With this, it is possible to accommodate a large amount of users and multiple requests to the server at the same time.

The Joomla CDN provider you use has to be reliable, secure, budget friendly, etc. However, if your current Joomla CDN provider isn’t budget friendly, you will have to choose a different and affordable Joomla CDN provider for your website.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Joomla CDN providers in 2020.

1. StackPath

StackPath - Best Joomla CDN providers in 2020

StackPath is a popular Joomla CDN provider that focuses on speeding up websites. Their service is so reliable that it is already trusted by thousands of businesses, including top brands.

MaxCDN was acquired by StackPath, so, they are no more MaxCDN but Stackpath.

Apart from Joomla, they offer integration with many other CMSes.

StackPath comes with powerful features like: improving performance, speeding website up, 301 redirect, etc. Above CDN services, StackPath offers security services like firewall, etc.

Above these, StackPath is one of the best Joomla CDN providers.

Price: Since StackPath comes with security and CDN services, they offer their services in different ways. You can purchase their full bundle (security and CDN bundle) or CDN bundle alone. Their CDN bundle is available at $10/month.

Get started with StackPath

2. Sucuri

Sucuri - Best Joomla CDN providers in 2020

Sucuri is a cyber security company. They deal with protection against hackers, DDos attacks, etc.

Above cyber security services, Sucuri offers CDN services to speed up your website, and they are one of the best Joomla CDN providers.

Sucuri’s CDN is trusted because of the security it comes with. They offer multiple caching options for different website types, unlimited bandwith, best technologies to improve your website performance.

Moreover, Sucuri plans are expensive compare to other Joomla CDN providers.

Price: Sucuri’s plan starts from $199/year for only one website.

Get started with Sucuri

3. KeyCDN

KeyCDN - Best Joomla CDN providers in 2020

KeyCDN is a budget friendly and one of the best Joomla CDN providers. It comes with an easy to use dashboard, support for other Content Management Systems apart from Joomla.

They offer a pay as you go plan, meaning that you will pay for what you use.

KeyCDN is similar to MaxCDN but different in cost and popularity; KeyCDN offers cheaper plan than MaxCDN, while MaxCDN is more popular than KeyCDN.

It also comes with DDos protection, realtime reports, two-factor authentication, etc.

Price: KeyCDN offers a pay as you go plan.

Get started with KeyCDN

4. Cloudflare

Cloudflare - Best Joomla CDN providers in 2020

Cloudflare is one of the most popular Joomla CDN providers among businesses, bloggers, etc. They offer their plans in both free and premium versions.

Both the free and premium versions of Cloudflare allows for the hosting of website files. Moreover, there are differences between them, because one is paid while the other is free. The free version of Cloudflare comes with limited functionalities. However, one would have to upgrade to their premium plan for advanced features.

Cloudflare is more popular among Joomla users in the sense that; it is commonly used than other Joomla CDN providers.

Price: Cloudflare offers free CDN services. However, if you need extra services, you will have to upgrade to their pro plan. It starts from $20/month.

Get started with Cloudflare

5. Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront - Best Joomla CDN providers in 2020

Amazon CloudFront is a fast and highly secure and programmable CDN service offered by Amazon.

When it comes to CDN services, Amazon CloudFront is secure, reliable, etc. Amazon CloudFront allows you restrict CDN by country, live stream, etc.

One confronting part of Amazon CloudFront is that; it could be kind of complicated for beginners.

Price: The price of hosting on Amazon CloudFront varies on location. Moreover, they charge based upon three different ways: data out to the Internet, data out to origin and HTTP requests.

Get started with Amazon CloudFront

6. RackSpace

RackSpace - Best Joomla CDN providers in 2020

RackSpace is a managed computer service provider. Above this, they also offer dedicated cloud and CDN services to help speed up your website.

They also offer hosting services to Joomla.

RackSpace comes with pay as you go plan, over 200 data centers, and many more. Moreover, setting up a RackSpace CDN is kind of twisted.

Price: They offer pay as you go plan. It starts from $0.16/GB.

Get started with RackSpace

7. Google Cloud CDN

Google Cloud CDN - Best Joomla CDN providers in 2020

Google Cloud CDN is a new and low-cost Joomla CDN provider. It is actually new to the CDN market, but has gained a little sudden popularity because of the company behind it. However, it is not that popular when it comes to CDN services.

It has data centers in 90 locations around the world.

Above these, it offers free SSL certificate to secure your website, free trial credit, etc.

Price: Google Cloud CDN comes with a twisted CDN pricing. Their charges depend upon bandwidth, HTTP, etc.

Get started with Google Cloud CDN


This JovialGuide has shown you the 7 best Joomla CDN providers in 2020.

CDN is mostly used for speeding a website up and improving of performance because it loads your website files from a different server to a user based upon his geographical location.

Some Joomla CDN providers offer security services. However, you can purchase their complete bundle that comes with security and CDN services.

See other of our Joomla tutorials for more.


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