7 Best Joomla Blog Extensions 2021 to Create a Blog in Joomla

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Are you looking for the best Joomla blog extension to create a blog in Joomla?

Joomla blog extension lets you create and manage a fully functional blog in Joomla, with lots of features to enhance your blogging experience.

In this JovialGuide, we’ll show you 7 best Joomla blog extensions to create a blog in Joomla (2021).

What Do You Need to Create a Blog in Joomla?

To create a blog in Joomla, you need an SSL certificate (HTTPS), domain name and a Joomla hosting account.

SSL certificate uses HTTPS for a secure connection. It basically lets you transfer data over a secure connection.

Domain name is the unique name your website users will use in finding your Joomla blog. For example; jovialguide.com is the unique name of this website!

Hosting lets you host or house your Joomla blog. We recommend A2 Hosting (see review) because it is fast, secure, reliable and affordable.

To learn more, you may want to see our detailed JovialGuide on:

You would want a perfect Joomla editor to enhance your blogging experience. See the best Joomla editor extensions for more.

Let’s take a look at the best blog Joomla extensions in 2021.

7 Best Joomla Blog Extensions to Create a Blog in Joomla (2021)

1. K2 for Joomla

K2 - Best Joomla Blog Extension in 2021

K2 is a powerful award winning Joomla blog extension with millions of downloads. It is a powerful and easy-to-use Joomla blog extension with fun to build your Joomla website with.

You can transform your Joomla website into a news/magazine site with author blogs, product catalogs, work portfolio, knowledgebase, and many more.

K2 comes with the most advanced templating system that enables you create any type of content type you’d want.

The backend of K2 is 100% mobile friendly, so, if you’re blogging with your mobile device, then you have no worries about content-adjustment.

Some of the features of K2 are: Ajax-based frontend editing & comment moderation, builtin media manager, Facebook OpenGraph & Twitter Cards support, user pages (author blog/user profile), builtin Google Structured Data, smart ACL for frontend editing, and lots more. K2 is by far one of the best Joomla blog extensions to use.

Get started with K2

2. EasyBlog Joomla

EasyBlog - Best Joomla Blog Extension in 2021

EasyBlog is one of the best Joomla blog extensions that can be used to manage your personal blog, company blog and category blog. It is great for managing workflows, team blog and group blog with extensive ACL flexibility.

It comes with tons of social integrations that allow you automatically post to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

In addition, EasyBlog also comes with a builtin commenting system, and also an extensive commenting integration with Komento, EasySocial, and others.

EasyBlog has a responsive layout for blog theme on mobile, tablet and desktop views. So, you can access and compose a blog post via any device without battling with layout-adjustments.

Its awesome media manager lets you manage images, files, and videos with the ability of having shared media.

You can provide your authors with beautiful interface to compose their blog posts right on the frontend. You can also allow multiple users on the site to be authors, without having to log into the backend.

If you’re looking for a Joomla blog extension that is integrated with Joomla Content Editor, EasySocial, JFBConnect, SocialAds, etc., then EasyBlog is the one!

Get started with EasyBlog

3. RSBlog

RSBlog - Best Joomla Blog Extension in 2021

RSBlog is a perfect Joomla blog extension, and also one of the products of RSJoomla! RSBlog makes blogging with Joomla easier with a set of tools that are required for any blog type.

It allows you save time by automatically publishing your blog posts to Facebook and Twitter.

Since blogging goes hand-in-hand with comments, RSBlog comes with a free subscription for RSComments – a popular Joomla comments extension. In addition, it also comes with integration with other Joomla comment extensions like: JComments, JomComment, and others.

For modules, RSBlog comes with: archived post, popular posts, recent posts, calendar, categories and tags. While for menus, RSBlog comes with: blog, create post, single post and tag cloud. It is certainly a perfect Joomla blog extension for your use!

RSBlog comes with lots of features to enable you create and manage your Joomla blog efficiently. Some of them are: quickly create posts right from the dashboard, password-protect a blog post, subscription – to keep your readers up-to-date by mail, trackbacks & pingbacks – to stay connected with other blogs, and lots more.

If you’re looking for a Joomla blog extension that will let your users download your blog post as a PDF file, then RSBlog is the Joomla blog extension that you need!

Get started with RSBlog

4. CjBlog for Joomla

CjBlog - Best Joomla Blog Extension in 2021

CjBlog is not only a Joomla blog extension, but a complete social blogging platform! It is a powerful Joomla blog extension with social touch.

If you have lots of Joomla categories that you don’t know how to display them, don’t worry, CjBlog has a beautiful category listing builtin page to display your categories properly.

With the badging system of CjBlog, you can give badges to your users based on the number of views their articles receive, number of posts they submit, etc.

Some of the features of CjBlog are: favorites – to enable users add articles to favorite for later viewing, point system – to reward users with builtin point system, user avatar & profile system – to complement your users’ profile, and lots more.

If you’re looking for a Joomla blog extension that lets you add star ratings to your Joomla articles, then CjBlog is the Joomla blog extension for you!

Get started with CjBlog

5. Zoo Joomla

Zoo - Best Joomla Blog Extension in 2021

Zoo comes with blog – to easily create a blog in Joomla with full features, and pages – to create static contents/pages (e.g., “contact us” page). It is a powerful and flexible content application builder to manage your contents.

It is a flexible Joomla blog extension that provides a clean design with a JavaScript-based User Interface to manage your blog.

If you want your users to submit contents, then you can use Zoo’s form builder to let your users submit contents through the frontend. Zoo also lets you create your own custom content type to meet your needs.

With this flexible Joomla blog extension, Zoo, you can: import your content from Joomla, CSV files, arrange your contents via drag and drop, let trusted authors review and edit their created-contents right from the frontend, extend categories with custom fields, etc.

Get started with Zoo

6. Blog Factory for Joomla

Blog Factory - Best Joomla Blog Extension in 2021

Blog Factory is a user, webmaster, SEO and SEF friendly Joomla blog extension with a native and fresh look. It comes with multiple language support, UTF – 8 support, and of course an easy translation to RTL.

There are a lot of features of Blog Factory. Some of them are: backend management – to manage actions, overview comments, manage users, blogs and post managements, etc., for user profile – you can set avatar, enable/disable user subscription notifications to your blog, etc., for categories – it comes with unlimited categories & subcategory levels, and category tree module.

Plus, modules & plugins – calendar module, category tree module, tag cloud module, modules that displays latest, random & top rated posts, etc. This is really a great Joomla blog extension for use!

In addition, this user and webmaster friendly Joomla blog extension comes with full integration with 3rd party extensions, such as: Jobs Factory, Ads Factory, Social Factory, Community Builder, Raffle Factory, jAnswers Factory, and lots more. Moreover, it also comes with an API (Application Programming Interface) for the integration of other 3rd party Joomla extensions.

Get started with Blog Factory

7. JoomBlog

JoomBlog - Best Joomla Blog Extension in 2021

JoomBlog lets you efficiently manage your blog contents and engage users’ attention. It is a fully-featured Joomla blog extension that is used for creating a blog in Joomla.

To enhance your blog, the installation pack of JoomBlog comes with modules, such as: archive posts, list of blogs, categories, popular bloggers, and tag cloud.

For frontend management; you can manage all of your blogs and even create new ones right from the frontend, you can also create a new blog, add a post, edit blog settings, and also change user permissions.

For multiple blogs on one site; you can create as many blogs as you’d want, and all of them will be listed on the module list of your blog. Plus, you can also give permissions to blog users, by deciding which user has the permission to create, change or unpublish a blog post.

JoomBlog allows you add registered users to Bloggers’ list and allow them start a personal blog on your site. So, if you are looking for a Joomla blog extension that would let your users start a personal blog on your site, then JoomBlog is your choice!

JoomBlog, a fully-featured Joomla blog extension is perfect for: personal blog, team blog, news blog, corporate blog and bloggers’ social network.

Get started with JoomBlog

We hope this JovialGuide helps you find the best Joomla blog extension to create a blog in Joomla in 2021.

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To learn more about other Joomla website types, please see types of websites you can create with Joomla for more.

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