Best Free Backup Extensions to Keep your Joomla Website Safe

Are you looking for the best Joomla backup extensions? Worry not, this Joomla backup list is for you! Like we always advice that you should make regular backups of your Joomla website, in case you loose your Joomla website. You could loose your Joomla website as a result of: poor website hosting services, weak website (which usually result to a hack), etc. With the help of a backup or reserved copy of your Joomla website, you could get your Joomla website running in just seconds!

This Joomla tutorial will show you some of the best Joomla backup extensions for your website.

What is a Backup?

A backup is a reserved copy of a file or document for future use. A backup is also a duplicate of a file/document.

Why Should I Backup my Joomla Website Regularly?

There are several reasons you should backup your Joomla website. Like in a situation that your Joomla website gets hacked, it’s the backup copy you’ll use to restore your Joomla website. Hackers don’t just hack into your Joomla website, they hack to steal and destroy your website! When this happens, it’s the backup copy of your website/database that would enable you restore your Joomla website easily. What if you never backed-up your Joomla website/database? Just forget it, your Joomla website is gone, and you’ll have to start all over again!

Backups are made to enable you easily restore your website when anything happens!

Another reason you should make regular backups of your Joomla website is to keep your website safe against poor web hosting services. Poor web hosting services are really frustrating and could cause you to loose your Joomla website just in a second! When your web hosting provider isn’t reliable, you’ll be in the right position to loose your Joomla website! Reliable and secure web hosting provider really matter, because it contributes greatly to the smoothness of your Joomla website.

A reliable web hosting provider is pretty hard to pick, because of the competition in the web hosting market. The competition is pretty high! There are hundreds of web hosting companies that provide Joomla web hosting services. It’s absolutely not easy to pick out one for your website. We always recommend SiteGround, InMotion Hosting, A2 Hosting and Rochen for all of your Joomla web hosting services.

SiteGround has always been an excellent web hosting provider that is crafted with care! Their excellent web hosting services made them to be an official web hosting company for WordPress (recommended by

InMotion Hosting has always been a good friend to Joomla. They provide reliable Joomla website hosting services.

Thinking about cheap and reliable web hosting company for Joomla? A2 Hosting is the answer! Their website hosting services are charming and are cheap.

Ever heard of Rochen? Talked about Rochen? You are actually talking about the official web hosting company for Joomla!

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Are there Best Joomla Backup Extensions?

Absolutely yes, there are Joomla backup extensions that are considered the best from experiences. These Joomla backup extensions help you make backup of your Joomla website.

The reason for this Joomla tutorial is to list out some of the best Joomla backup extensions for your website built on Joomla.

1. Akeeba Backup

Joomla Akeeba Backup Extension

Akeeba Backup is an excellent backup extension for Joomla, it provides unique backup features that lets you quickly backup your Joomla website. You can make backups of only your Joomla website files and folders or only your database tables. Akeeba Backup extension is so flexible that it archives (backup) could be used on any Joomla website.

Features of Akeeba Backup

The features of Akeeba Backup extension are:

  • AJAX powered backup
  • 1 click backup
  • Restore with Akeeba Kickstart (free of charge script)
  • Etc

Download Akeeba Backup Extension

2. LazyDbBackup

Joomla LazyDbBackup extension

LazyDbBackup creates and sends the backup copy of your website to your Email. It’s a multilingual backup extension (supports different languages). You can create and save your backup in a specific folder which could be accessed and downloaded later via FTP. If you are looking for a Joomla backup extension that supports different languages, LazyDbBackup is the answer!

Features of LazyDbBackup

The features of LazyDbBackup are:

  • Supports different languages
  • Sends backup by Email
  • Etc

Download LazyDbBackup Extension

3. Easy Joomla Backup – EJB

Joomla Easy Backup Extension

Easy Joomla Backup creates and stores your database archive in one zip file. It creates an old school backup that lets you exclude files from database backup.

Features of Easy Joomla Backup (EJB)

The features of Easy Joomla Backup (EJB) includes:

  • Quick backup
  • Excludes file from backup archive
  • Etc.

Download Easy Joomla Backup Extension

Which Joomla Backup Extension do We Choose?

There are other Joomla backup extensions, this Joomla tutorial on best backup extensions, has shown you just a few of them. Out of these backup extensions we listed, there’s just one we so much love. This backup extension we love provides you with all the features you need to make a complete backup of your Joomla website. This backup extension we love and have been talking about is Akeeba Backup . This backup extension is excellent!

Restricting Access to the Administrative Directory of Your Joomla Website

You already know that nulled Joomla templates and extensions exposes your website to vulnerabilities. In a case that the attacker gains access into your Joomla website, you could easily restrict access into the administrative directory of your Joomla website, this works by IP. If the attacker’s IP address has no permission into the administrative directory of your Joomla website, he will be denied access!

Secure Your Joomla Website During Installation

Before installing Joomla, you should think of how you could secure it during installation. Your Joomla website becomes vulnerable to attacks if it wasn’t properly configured during the installation processes. We have a JovialGuide that shows you how to secure your Joomla website during installation

Joomla Security Guide

Like we mentioned earlier that nulled templates and extensions lack security and privacy, your Joomla website could be hacked easily when you run your website with nulled softwares.

The use of nulled Joomla templates and extensions exposes your Joomla website to vulnerabilities. We’ve written a JovialGuide that covers everything you need to know about Joomla security

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Conclusion – Best Free Joomla Backup Extensions

These Joomla backup extensions we listed, helps you make backup of your Joomla website. They provide the basic and necessary features you need to properly make a complete backup of your Joomla website. There are also other Joomla extensions that enables you backup your Joomla website. In this post, we listed just a few backup extensions in Joomla. Joomla backup extension like LazyDbBackup, lets you send the backup of your Joomla website to your Email.


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