What is a Joomla Template?

What is a Joomla Template?

A Joomla template is a collection of styles, colour schemes, etc., called template, used for designing, or the decoration of Joomla websites.

Joomla templates are available in different categories for different niches. These categories of Joomla templates, let you build a Joomla website depending upon the niche or type of website you are running.

Here are some of the categories of Joomla templates:

  • Construction Joomla templates – for construction websites.
  • Religious Joomla templates – for religious websites.
  • Portfolio Joomla templates – for portfolio websites.
  • Etc.

Joomla templates are available in both free and premium versions. You are to choose one that matches your budget. For example; if you are creating a Joomla website on a low budget, you may want to use a free Joomla template. And if you are running on a high budget, you may want to go for a premium Joomla template.

When Joomla templates are available in paid version, they are usually sold by the developers, and are never made available in nulled version for free download.

See why we don’t recommend nulled Joomla templates.

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