What is a Joomla Extension?

What is a Joomla Extension?

A Joomla extension is an addon that is installed to a Joomla website to extend or add more/advanced functionalities to Joomla. Joomla extensions are addons in the sense that they are developed by Joomla users/developers, and are not part of the core Joomla software but could be installed to Joomla to extend its functionalities.

They (Joomla extensions) are pretty helpful in that they add useful and powerful features to your Joomla website; the features that the core Joomla software do not have. For example; Joomla was not initially created for eCommerce, but you can create an eCommerce store in Joomla. This can be achieved with the help of eCommerce Joomla extensions.

The categorization of things are a way of sorting or arranging things to their respective groups. Joomla extensions are available in different categories. The categorization of Joomla extensions are based upon what they do.

Here are some of the categories of Joomla extensions and what they do:

To be able to add features that are not part of the core Joomla software, you need a Joomla extension, one that have what you need!

Joomla extensions come in two versions. These versions are:

  • Free and
  • premium versions

Joomla extensions are available both in paid and free versions. When Joomla extensions are developed and made available in paid version, they are usually sold by the developers, and are never made available in nulled version for free download.

See why we don’t recommend nulled Joomla extensions.

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