Joomla Category (Joomla Category Explained)

What is Joomla Category?

A Joomla category is a named group to which articles could be assigned to.

With Joomla categories, you can group your Joomla contents/articles into different sections. These sections lets your posts to be found quickly.

In Joomla, the default category name is uncategorized. This is the default Joomla category you’d see when you first install Joomla.

Just note that Joomla categories lets you group your contents/articles into different sections.

The naming of Joomla categories are based on what the website offer. If your Joomla website is an entertainment website and you offer stuffs like; news, stories, etc., you can create categories like;

  • news – for news/report posts
  • comedy – for posts about comedy
  • stories – for stories
  • Etc

These category names are typical Joomla category names for entertainment websites.

If the niche of your website is technology, you can create Joomla categories that would handle tech related posts. Some tech related categories are;

  • tech news – contains news/happenings in the tech world
  • tech tutorials (how to) – this Joomla category contain how-to tutorials
  • gadget reviews – this Joomla category contains review posts about gadgets
  • Etc

The names of your Joomla categories depend entirely on the type of content you offer.

With Joomla categories, it becomes pretty easier for your website users to find your posts. This is because each article is classified or assigned to their respective group or classes.

Typical examples of categories are: Joomla, Web Hosting, etc. At JovialGuide, we create posts and assign them to their respective categories. We make use of categories for the classification of posts.

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