What is JavaScript?

JavaScript or JS, is an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language that is used for creating interactive web pages, and for executing client-side scripts.

When JavaScript is said to be used to create interactive web pages, it means that JavaScript can: validate input fields of a web form, load new page content without refreshing the page, add animation to the web page (fade in & out, etc), and many more.

Together with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web (WWW), and also an essential part of web applications.

The core Joomla software, templates and extensions, are built with JavaScript, together with Jason, JQuery and/or Ajax.

These days, JavaScript has grown to not only be a programming language for web, but also for other uses, like mobile devices.

JavaScript comes with dozens of libraries and frameworks, which are the hot-cakes in the market. Below are some JavaScript libraries and frameworks:

  • ReactJS – a very powerful front-end library (sometimes seen as a framework because of its functionalities)
  • ExpressJS – a server-side NodeJS framework
  • VueJS – a minimal and lightweight front-end framework
  • ReactNative – a library for developing native-like softwares or applications for mobile devices (Google Android and Apple IOS)
  • JQuery – a library designed to simplify HTML DOM, add animations, etc.
  • Etc.
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