What is Backend?

Backend is a technical terminology that is used to refer to the operation or configuration area of an application or software.

When it comes to backend in Joomla, it is the area where you can create, modify, publish & delete contents, install & change template, install extensions, etc. The backend of Joomla is also called Control Panel.

Joomla Control Panel

The Joomla Control Panel is where you setup, or carry out all configurations of your Joomla website. To access the Joomla Control Panel, you have to login first. To login to the Joomla backend, add /administrator to the end of your website.

Let’s take a look at the contents of the Joomla Control Panel:

  • Contents – lets you create, modify, publish and delete your contents/articles, categories and media files
  • Structures – lets you create and manage menus and modules
  • Users – lets you easily create and manage Joomla users
  • Configuration – lets you configure your Joomla website (e.g. meta data), install and change Joomla template and language
  • Extension – lets you install Joomla extensions
  • Maintenance – checks if the core Joomla software and extensions are up-to-date
  • Latest Actions – displays the most recent activities or actions in your Joomla website
  • Logged-in Users – displays all of the logged-in users
  • Popular Articles – shows the popular articles of your Joomla website
  • Recently Added Contents – displays the recently added articles/contents

Since the Joomla backend or Control Panel is the configuration room or area of your Joomla website, it needs to be protected from unauthorized access. See our best Joomla security practices for more.

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