10 Best Joomla Hosting Companies 2019: How to Choose the Best Joomla Hosting Provider

(Last Updated On: October 21, 2019)

Whether you already have a Joomla website running or you’d like to create a new Joomla website, you’ll want a web hosting provider to host your Joomla website. We all want the best Joomla web hosting provider to host our Joomla websites in 2019. You already know that picking the best (that matches your needs) Joomla web hosting company for your website in 2019 is something everyone has to be careful to avoid future regret.

There are hundreds of thousands of web hosting providers growing each day, these web hosting companies offer Joomla hosting. But how are you going to know the best and most reliable for your Joomla website in 2019? This is the reason for this JovialGuide!

Since there are hundreds of web hosting companies growing each day, should you just get up and pick any web hosting provider to host your Joomla website? The answer is no! You can’t just get up one morning and say; hey, you are hosting my Joomla website, I’m coming for you! This is absolutely wrong. There are some factors you should consider before making any move. Of course, your first move is to decide if you want to have your Joomla website on a live webserver or on a local webserver (localhost).

Nothing has ever been 100% perfect, at least, it has a side effect. What I mean is that no web hosting provider is perfect, each of them have disadvantages. Since none is perfect, we are going to see the advantages (pros) and disadvantages (cons) of using each of them in this JovialGuide.

Best Joomla Hosting Provider: What you Should Know

There’s something you should know. What’s that thing?! There’s nothing like the best (of all) Joomla web hosting provider. This is because each web hosting provider have disadvantages. When you ask for the best Joomla hosting in 2019, ask for the best according to their performances and according to their web hosting services, not just the best 2019 Joomla hosting. That question is wrong!

Like I said earlier, ask for the best 2019 Joomla hosting according to their web hosting services. Your question should look like this: fastest Joomla hosting 2019. If you are looking for the most secure Joomla hosting, your query should look like this: most secure Joomla hosting provider in 2019, for the cheapest, your query should be: cheapest Joomla hosting company in 2019. The most important thing is for you to specify what you need!

No hosting provider can be called the best web hosting provider (best of all). Why do we say this? It Is because what this hosting provider has, the other web hosting provider doesn’t have it. Even that one you call the best, there are a few things it doesn’t have (lack), but another hosting provider has it. So, there’s nothing like the best (Joomla) web hosting provider!

Who is the best Joomla web hosting company in 2019? Wait, the best in what? It should be the best in something, not just the best. No web hosting provider can provide all Joomla hosting services perfectly, that’s impossible! Do specify what you want to avoid being misled. The main reason behind this section is that: all web hosting companies have disadvantages, non is perfect!

Choosing the Best Joomla Web Hosting Provider in 2019

Choosing a web hosting provider for your Joomla website could be difficult. To choose a Joomla web hosting company, you have to put the following into consideration:

  • Consider your budget
  • Choose a web hosting company that suits you
  • Choose a web hosting plan (according to your budget)

Who is a Joomla Web hosting Provider?

A Joomla web/website hosting provider is a hosting company that offers Joomla website hosting services. Joomla web hosting plans come in different sizes and prices. The least anyone could start with is a shared hosting plan. When your Joomla website begins to receive much traffic, you’ll need a managed hosting plan.

Any hosting company that offers Joomla web hosting services is a Joomla web hosting provider!

What are the Things I Should Consider Before Choosing a Joomla Web Hosting Provider?

There are several things you should consider before choosing a Joomla web hosting company. These factors help you choose what you actually want. They are:

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Speed
  • PHP 7 support
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Cost
  • Etc


This is pretty important! There are several questions you should ask about the hosting company you are choosing. Questions like: Is this web hosting provider trusted? Can I leave my website on their webserver without any problem? Etc. Reliability is the key! You can’t leave your website with an unreliable web hosting provider because you do not know what would happen in the next second. They may offer very cheap Joomla hosting plans, but are they trusted? When this question is asked, everywhere becomes silent!

Unreliable web hosting providers are usually cheap (not any cheap web hosting provider is unreliable).


A secure web host handles all the security aspects of your Joomla website and websites hosted on a secure web server can’t be easily hacked! A secure Joomla web host (that is configured for security), should be able to withstand hacking attempts and shouldn’t expose any website (hosted on it) to vulnerabilities related to web applications.

More often, hacked Joomla websites aren’t as a result of insecure webserver, but as a result of the website administrator’s carelessness. A Joomla website with strong administrative password is difficult to hack (with simple brute force attack ). Brute force attack is a trial and error dictionary type of attack, where an attacker makes a list of passwords that may likely be the administrative password. You have now seen that when the administrators use weak passwords, their Joomla website becomes totally easy to hack.

The use of nulled Joomla templates and extensions also exposes your Joomla website to vulnerabilities which gives attackers a free entrance to hack into your Joomla website. Are you wondering how nulled Joomla templates and extensions make your website easy to hack? This is because they always contain (without the knowledge of the users), harmful code snippet that gives them an open space to hack into your Joomla website. This open entrance or free space we are talking about is called a back door. See our complete thoughts on nulled Joomla templates and extensions

Weak Joomla websites have always been the problem website owners face, this is the reason a properly configured webserver for security really matters. There are severally ways you could secure your Joomla website. Some of these ways are:

So, a secure web hosting company should always be put into consideration when choosing a web hosting provider for your website. It helps withstand hacking attempts without it affecting your Joomla website.


Websites with poor/slow load time drive your website visitors away. How fast your Joomla website is should be one of your aim. Most times, your Joomla web hosting provider aren’t responsible for the poor/slow load time of your Joomla website, but it is as a result of your efforts to beautify your website. This may sound strange to you but that’s the truth! It means that; the unoptimized templates and extensions you use, do end up slowing down your website. It is really common in unoptimized Joomla templates, templates that contain too many images especially images that aren’t optimized or compressed. Unoptimized images are images that are really large in size. They slow down your Joomla website! We recommend you use Joomla templates that contain less or optimized images.

Also in your blog posts, use less images. If you must use many images to explain the propose of your blog posts, or to make it interesting, use optimized images to avoid slowing down your Joomla website.

Many web hosting providers do as much as they can to offer fast web hosting services, you too should do your part by using optimized templates and optimized images in your Joomla website.

Slow websites aren’t good, if it takes the whole time to load, your website users will move on to the next website that offer almost the same content as you do. Spend more time in optimizing your Joomla website for speed (fast load time), if the slow load time is from your web hosting provider, we recommend you move to another web hosting company to avoid killing your website.

PHP 7 Support

Joomla is a PHP based Content Management System (CMS). PHP is a scripting backend language for developing dynamic webpages. One of the things you should consider is a web hosting company that supports PHP 7. This latest version of PHP (7), is much faster, more secure and flexible than the previous version of PHP. It’s unfortunate that some web hosting providers do not support the latest version of PHP (7) in their web host. Joomla runs smoothly on web hosts that supports PHP 7.

If you are unsure that your web hosting provider supports PHP 7, do contact the support team of your web hosting provider! Some web hosting providers supports multiple versions of PHP, giving it users the ability to switch between the PHP version of their choice. An example of such web hosting provider is BlueHost. Contact your Joomla hosting provider to be sure if they support the latest version of PHP.

24/7 Technical Support

How do you feel when you contact the support team of your hosting provider for urgent help and they don’t reply early? The feeling is really frustrating! Support team that are always available when you need help should be considered, because it is sure that you’ll need help! In a situation that you run into a problem in a particular CMS, and your hosting provider have no experts to help you out, that day you’ll understand how meaningful web hosting companies with excellent support team are! Experienced team of experts saves you from spending. They save you from having to hire, or pay some developers to help you out. Of course, the cost of hiring a developer to do a job is really high!

Many web hosting companies have lost their customers because of poor support team, either the support team don’t respond on time, or, they are inexperienced. This is the reason web hosting companies employ CMS (Content Management System) experts to attend to customers that need help. Web hosting companies that offer Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, etc, hosting, do employ experienced experts in the different CMSs they offer hosting to. This is very helpful as it helps customers when they get into problems using a particular CMS their web hosting provider offers.


This is very necessary! You can’t purchase a web hosting space from a company you can’t pay for, or, from a web hosting provider you can’t pay the high renewal fee.

The cost of a web hosting plan matters a lot! You should consider what you can afford, and what you can pay the renewal fee. Going for a web hosting plan you can’t pay the renewal fee will put you into frustration, or into unplanned expenses. Shared hosting is the cheapest hosting plan, and it comes in different prices.Though, some web hosting providers offer quality Joomla website hosting services, but the cost of setting up a website on their shared hosting server is pretty high! There are other Joomla web hosting companies that offer cheap website hosting services, you can still go for them!

Majority of the companies that offer Joomla web hosting services, offer shared hosting plans, while just a few don’t offer. Shared hosting plans are recommended for small websites, or, websites with low or small traffic. Websites on shared hosting server aren’t as secure compare to websites on managed web hosting server.

On like managed hosting plans, they are more expensive than shared hosting plans, and are more secure than shared hosting. In managed hosting plans, the technical aspects are managed by the experts of your web hosting provider. But they are pretty expensive than shared hosting plans. Managed hosting plans are recommended for large websites, or websites with large amount of traffic. Managed hosting plans come in different sizes, and these sizes determines it cost.

We recommend you choose a plan from a web hosting provider you can afford, else, your Joomla website will be shut down (if you can’t pay the renewal fee)!

What do I Need to Create a Joomla Website on a Live Server?

There are just 4 things you need to setup a Joomla website on a live webserver. These four things make up a Joomla website! One of them is a recommendation, we recommend it for a better Joomla website.

The 4 things you need to setup a Joomla website are:

We’ll look at these things one after the other. Let’s start from the first one, which is a web hosting account (with active plan.

An active Web hosting Account (With Active Plan)

This is where your Joomla website (files and folders) will be stored. A web hosting account is necessary to get your Joomla website on the internet (for everyone to access). When we say an active web hosting account, we aren’t referring to a web hosting account with expired web hosting plan(s), but a web hosting account with active web hosting plan(s)!

Web hosting plans usually start from $2.95/month to as high as $15 per month, and $35/year, even as high as $180/year. The cost of a web hosting plan (for your website) grow as your Joomla website grows! This means that the more traffic your Joomla website receives, the bigger the size/price in hosting plan.

For small websites with low traffic, a shared hosting plan is the best. When your Joomla website begins to receive more and more traffic than usual, you’ll have to move your Joomla website to a managed web hosting plan. This would cost you more money too! Managed hosting plans are more expensive than shared hosting plans, because your web hosting experts handles the technical aspects of your website (the money you pay for in managed hosting plan covers this). In shared hosting plans, it’s not so, the technical aspect is handled by you!

The take away is that, without a web hosting plan, your Joomla website can’t be online!

Domain Name

Your domain name is the unique name your website visitors would use to locate you. This is a name that is owned and used by you alone. It is called a unique name because you are the only one that has it! A typical domain name starts with the name of the business, organization, school, etc, followed by an extension, which shows the type of domain name it is. There are different extensions for domains, they are usually registered according to the type of organization that possesses it. A few examples of domain extensions are:

  • .com
  • .biz
  • .com.ng
  • .ng
  • .in
  • .us
  • .co.uk
  • etc

Domain name registration could cost more than usual, depending on the domain extension you are purchasing. Don’t forget that registered domain names do expire, so, you’ll have to renew it each year (same as web hosting plans)!

A Copy of Joomla Software

Joomla is an open source Content Management System, free and open to be used by anyone! Having a copy of Joomla software stored somewhere in your hard drive is very necessary, because it will be used (extracted and installed), on the webserver you’ll use for your website. Don’t forget, it has to be downloaded first!

Extracting and installing is a difficult process! Thankfully, some web hosting companies come with softaculous auto app 1-click installer. This makes the installation processes of Joomla pretty easy with just 1-click install. No need of downloading and extracting Joomla. The only thing you have to do is to login to your web hosting account, click on softaculous app installer » Joomla » the installation processes of Joomla begins. It takes less than 10 minutes.

The whole processes becomes a big job when you don’t use softaculous app installer. You’ll download and extract the copy of Joomla software before you begin the installation processes. This is usually called the manual installation process!

Choosing a web hosting company with 1-click installer should be seriously considered!

SSL Certificate (recommended)

Using SSL (https) doesn’t keep hackers away from your Joomla website. The https (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure), protocol is used to transfer data (especially sensitive information like: credit card details, PayPal account details, etc), on an encrypted protocol, in that no third party user can see or have access to the sensitive data. The data on the https protocole are usually encrypted and secure in the sense that no one can decrypt it. On like the http (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) protocol, the information that are transfered could be seen or accessed by any user. So, it’s strongly recommended that you use https on your Joomla website!

We completely recommend SSL certificate especially if your Joomla website is a community where anyone could signup, or, it stores sensitive information.

1. SiteGround

SiteGround Joomla hosting logo

We always include SiteGround in our list of best/recommendable web hosting companies.

SiteGround was founded in 2004. It is an excellent website hosting service provider that invests a lot to maintain their server, and to offer the best web hosting services to their customers. Today, SiteGround is one of the most popular/best web hosting provider, and it is always included in a list of most popular/best web hosting providers. Indeed, SiteGround deserves it!

SiteGround offers excellent hosting services to their users, especially when it comes to speed, security, etc. They are officially recommended for WordPress, by WordPress.org.

SiteGround invests a lot to maintain their webserver. This have made all/any website hosted with SiteGround to be pretty fast and secure.

When it comes to web hosting services, SiteGround is beyond Joomla hosting. They are an excellent web hosting provider even for other web applications, not only Joomla!

Pros of SiteGround

  • Free website transfer
  • 24/7 customer care
  • Excellent Support
  • In-house Joomla hosting

Cons of SiteGround

  • Limitations in plan

For WordPress users, we’ve written a JovialGuide that shows you top 7 best reasons you should transfer or host your next WordPress website with SiteGround in 2019

For Joomla users, we’ve written a JovialGuide that shows you top 5 best reasons you should transfer or host your next Joomla website with SiteGround in 2019

For Magento users, we’ve written a JovialGuide that shows you top 6 best reasons you should transfer or host your next Magento Ecommerce website with SiteGround in 2019

SiteGround is the best when it comes to web hosting services. Their excellent web hosting services have rewarded them to be an official WordPress web hosting provider, recommended by WordPress.org. You can see list of top and best WordPress web hosting providers officially recommended by WordPress.org to learn more.

Visit SiteGround.

2. BlueHost

BlueHost Joomla hosting logo

BlueHost, being one of the biggest web hosting provider in the world, powers over 800k websites.

As a result of the quality web hosting services offered by BlueHost, it has been officially recommended by WordPress.org as one of the best web hosting providers for WordPress.

BlueHost have been in the business of web hosting for some years now. They have optimized server, experienced staff, etc. Their support team is always ready to help you solve your problems.

Pros of BlueHost

  • Free domain name
  • Friendly customer care
  • Quality support
  • In-house Joomla hosting

Cons of BlueHost

  • They charge for website transfer, while other web hosting providers offer free website transfer.

Visit BlueHost.

4. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Joomla hosting logo

Over the years, InMotion have been a trusted web hosting provider for (especially) WordPress and Joomla. Their webserver is properly configured for mouth dropping web hosting services.

They have been around since 2001 and are still growing.

InMotion Hosting comes with 1-click install, 247 support. They also have experts that will help you out whenever you get stucked in any problem related to Joomla. Feel free to contact their support team!

Pros of InMotion Hosting

  • Free website transfer
  • Friendly customer care
  • 24/7 support

Cons of InMotion Hosting

  • Limited number of databases

Signup with InMotion.

4. A2 Hosting

A2 hosting is another web hosting provider that offers cheap and reliable web hosting services to their users. They guarantee 99% uptime and their webserver is fast. So, you don’t have to worry about the load time of your Joomla website.

The web hosting services A2 hosting offer are recommendable. They offer cheap and reliable Joomla hosting for as low as $3.92/month.

The hosting plans of A2 hosting are always affordable for anyone. If you are looking for a cheap and reliable (reliability is what everyone wants not the cheap and unreliable hosting provider) web hosting provider, go for A2 hosting.

Pros of A2 Hosting

  • Website staging included
  • 99% uptime
  • Free website transfer

Cons of A2 Hosting

  • Restrictions on cheapest hosting plans

Signup with A2 Hosting.

5. iPage

iPage is another web hosting provider owned by the same group that runs BlueHost, HostGator, etc. Their server is configured for fast load time. Their hosting plans are affordable for anyone that is just starting.

If you are looking for cheap web hosting provider, iPage is the answer.

Pros of iPage

  • Cheap web hosting
  • 24/7 support

Cons of iPage

  • iPage is not recommended for large websites, only for small websites.

Signup with iPage.

6. Rochen

Whenever you hear the name Rochen, you should be able to understand that it’s Joomla’s official web hosting provider.

Rochen’s support team, they are properly trained individuals who have had wide experiences in Joomla, WordPress, etc. They are always ready to help you out each time you run into a problem in either Joomla, WordPress, etc.

I so much love Rochen because of their excellent web hosting services. They offer 1-click install, daily backup, 24/7 support, etc. They also have data centers located in the US and in Uk.

Pros of Rochen

  • 1-click install
  • Data centers in US and UK

Cons of Rochen

  • Recommended for websites with low traffic

Visit Rochen.

7. HostPapa

HostPapa was founded in 2006 and they are gradually growing. The guarantee upto 99.9% uptime of your website.

If you are thinking of the fee to transfer your Joomla website to HostPapa. Good news! They don’t charge any fee to transfer your website to their webserver. Everything’s absolutely free!

Pros of HostPapa

  • Free website migration
  • 99. 9% uptime
  • Extensive support options

Cons of HostPapa

  • Expensive renewal fee
  • Poor customer care

Visit HostPapa.

8. HostGator

HostGator is another web hosting provider owned by the same group that runs BlueHost, iPage and JustHost. HostGator guarantees upto 99% uptime.

If you are looking for that hosting provider that would make a refund (within an agreed date) if you don’t like their hosting services. That web hosting provider is HostGator. They have a refund policy (of 45 day money back) if you don’t like their hosting services. This is pretty amazing!

Pros of HostGator

  • Free website transfer/migration
  • 99% uptime
  • 45 days money back
  • 24/7 support

Cons of HostGator

  • No free domain name
  • Free SSL are available to only business plans

Visit HostGator.

9. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is another web hosting provider that guarantees upto 99% uptime. They have experienced staff that would help you solve your problems whenever you contact them.

GreenGeeks also offer free website migration and their support team is equally excellent as their web hosting services.

Pros of GreenGeeks

  • Free website transfer
  • 99% uptime
  • Good customer care
  • 1-click Joomla install

Cons of GreenGeeks

  • No website staging

Visit GreenGeeks.

10. CloudAccess

Ever thought of that web hosting provider that offers web hosting services to mostly Joomla users? That web hosting provider is CloudAccess!

CloudAccess provides web hosting services to mostly Joomla and WordPress users.

Their webserver is configured for top performance of your Joomla website. Their support team is excellent, they are always ready to help you out each time you contact them.

There’s one more thing I really like about CloudAccess, they offer trial before payment policy. This means that you can easily run Joomla on their webserver for a given period of time to test their server’s performance, whether or not you’ll still purchase a web hosting plan from them. This helps you properly test-run, and to decide if you’ll still host your Joomla website with CloudAceess.

Pros of CloudAccess

  • Excellent support
  • Easy to use cPanel

Cons of CloudAccess

  • No phone support

Visit CloudAccess.

Quick list of the top 10 best Joomla Web Hosting Providers (2019)

We have provided a quick list of the top 10 best Joomla web hosting providers (2019).

We also listed out the best WordPress w/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/siteground-joomla-hosting-logo.pngeb hosting service providers in 2019. This JovialGuide will guide you in picking the best WordPress hosting provider (according to your requirements) in 2019.

PHP 7 is much faster and more secure than PHP 5 (and older versions). We wrote a JovialGuide that shows you 3 reasons you should host your WordPress website with a PHP 7 web hosting provider. We also listed out the top 10 best PHP 7 web hosting providers for WordPress in 2019. See top 10 best PHP 7 WordPress web hosting providers in 2019 (with their pros and cons) for everything you need to know!

There are several questions users often ask that are related to Joomla website hosting. The following sections of this JovialGuide will provide answers to some of the Joomla web hosting related questions.

Who is the Official Joomla Web Hosting Company?

The official Joomla web hosting company has been tested and confirmed with excellent Joomla web hosting services. The official Joomla web hosting company is Rochen. Rochen provides quality web hosting services to Joomla users, their customer care services are nice, and their web hosting services are excellent too.

Can I Still Switch my Joomla Web Hosting Provider Later?

Yes, you can still switch your Joomla web hosting company (at any time), to a different web hosting provider of your choice.

Switching to a different Joomla web hosting provider could be caused as a result of poor web hosting services, too expensive renewal fee, or, you just don’t like their web hosting services. Some web hosting providers offer free website migration, while some offer only paid website migration!

How do I Change the PHP Version of My Website on BlueHost to PHP 7?

Before you could update/change the PHP version of your website on BlueHost, you need to signup for a web hosting plan with BlueHost before being able to update the PHP version of your website to 7. After signing up with BlueHost, see how to update the PHP version of your website on BlueHost to PHP 7 for detailed instructions.

Who is the Cheapest Joomla Shared Web hosting Company in 2019?

There are companies that offer cheap shared Joomla website hosting services, their cheapest shared hosting plan is below $3. A2 Hosting , BlueHost , etc, offer cheap shared Joomla hosting plans.

Who Do We Choose?

There are just three web hosting providers we choose, their web hosting services are recommendable. These hosting companies are:

Final Words on the – How to Choose the Best Joomla Web Hosting Provider in 2019

You have seen the top 10 best Joomla web hosting providers in 2019. You should now be able to pick out a web hosting company for your Joomla website in 2019.

Joomla always require a properly configured webserver to host it. This post contains a list of the properly configured webserver that are capable of hosting Joomla smoothly.

We also covered the pros and cons of each of the listed web hosting providers. Go through them one after the other to find out the best (that matches your requirements) for your Joomla website.



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